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What is behind Fawad Khan’s huge Female Fan Following?

Fawad Khan the Khoobsurat actor

The Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor starrer – Khoobsurat is all set to hit the theatres on 19th September 2014. Amidst all its promotion, its main male lead Fawad Khan seems to have become a popular face not just in his home country – Pakistan but also in India. He is an actor with a huge female fan following in both the countries. Thanks to his incredible performances in Pakistan based TV serials like Zindagi Gulzar hai (telecasted in Zindagi Channel) and movies like Khuda Ke Liye. Besides, he is also known to have certain attributes, which make him the heartthrob of millions of fans not just in Pakistan but also in India. Here is how Fawad is so popular as under:

Calm and Composed

Fawad is known to have with calm and composed attitude with dreamy looks. This is an incredible blend hard to find in actors of lead roles in Tinsel Town and other places. Women simply like the men with good looks and if they are polite and respect the people around, they become the talk of the town. Fawad is blessed with these attributes, as you would never see him throwing any tantrum or yelling, making the number one choice for fan following.

One Woman Man

He is a one-woman man, happily settled with his wife Sadaf who happens to be his old time friend. This woman has special place in his life, since she has been always supporting and caring to Khan and his family, while at the same time Fawad knows the skills to make his wife happy. Indeed, this decent actor has made the life of his wife beyond the words of Zindagi Gulzar hai.

Man with clean and shiny image

Fawad Khan is known to have a very clean and shiny image. The Khoobsurat actor is not keen to take up filthy and erotic roles in the future, which means he simply keeps his image clean and intact for a longer run. He very well understands his responsibility being a good actor. This is really an important factor, which makes this man royal by heart and in terms of responsibility.

Shy and ardent romantic personality

Fawad Khan’s persona has certain unique attributes, he is not only super shy guy but at the same time being an ardent romantic person in his real life. His wife is testimony to this fact. This rare combination in his personality makes him very much adorable and royal kind of person in B Town.

He is Chivalrous

Another important trait in his personality is that the Khoobsurat actor is very much chivalrous. This is an important trait, which makes the women simply melt their hearts. You can very easily make out this attribute the way he treats his co-star Sonam Kapoor with great respect and honour, which makes him very much special in his fan base. Indeed, anyone would fall in love with a person who has the capacity to make anyone especially a woman making her feel like a princess.

Impeccable dressing sense

Apart from a number of qualities he has, the Zaroon of Zindagi Gulzar Hai Tv serial is also known for having impeccable dressing sense, which really makes this person very much drool worthy.

Wrapping up

Fawad Khan has come a long way in the world of acting and modelling. However, his grace, royal nature, impeccable language, dictum and soothing character has been always become the object of love and affection. All these traits together make him a Royal Prince in not just in his home country called Pakistan but also in the neighbouring countries like India. With Khoobsurat being his debut Bollywood movie, he is all set to fire his fan base present all around these nations.

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  1. Every word written here is magic to my ears. he truly is a perfect gentleman. Thankyou for this wonderful; article on Fawad

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