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7 Lessons you can learn from Mary Kom movie

Lessons to learn from Mary Kom movieMary Kom banged the Silver Screen on the Teachers Day (5th September 2014) with a good buzz and fuss. Thanks to the incredible performance of Priyanka Chopra, who left no stone unturned to give one of the best scenes and realistic acting in it. The movie is an intense bio drama, which simply does not just entertain you for two hours but at the same time renders you some valuable life lessons to live by. At such junctures, when the movie has been the star performing piece of the day, how about checking the top 7 lessons you can learn from Mary Kom as under:

1). Patience is always the success mantra

For getting success, you need both perseverance and patience. The crux of the movie Mary Kom is nothing but patience. You can find in the character of PC, how the lady boxer enters stardom with patience along. She is seen sitting for more than a month in the boxing coaching center to get the opportunity to get trained. After being there patiently for one month, finally the trainer realizes her patience and determination to achieve her goal to become a good boxer.

2). The Never Give Up Attitude

Attitude in your success matters a lot. If you live with ego, and similar such emotions, you would never hone the attitude of never give up. Mary Kom’s determination to see her as a successful boxer one day makes every single punch in her practise harder to see the glory. Without having that relentless kind of attitude and aggression, it is simply impossible for anyone including Mary Kom to become the World Champion not just once but five times.

3). Always go for your first love

For Mary Kom, her first love was always boxing and not the athletics, which she was seen trying out. Hence, she soon quit the same to get on over the boxing ring to make her dreams fulfilled. The first love always has the power to make the difference.

4). Do not settle for anything less than the best

One of the most favourite moments you find in this movie comes when the trainer of Mary Kom is seen saying – Silver Mujhe Bhi Pasand Nahi (I also don’t like the silver) hence concluding the fact that people shouldn’t pursue any dream if they cannot do nothing but the best for it. The important lesson you learn from the movie is that you would never allow settling down with a mediocre result, as you simply want to do the best.

5). Behind Every Successful Man there is Woman is not always the case

We often hear the axiom; behind every successful man, there is a woman, which is not the case with Mary Kom character. She is being encouraged by her husband and he is seen standing by too often to make this lady bring back the gold not just one but five times. Her man takes care of everything, right from encouraging her to helping her to bring up her two kids.

6). You can enjoy a successful career despite being a mother and wife

We often see woman sacrificing their family and social life just for the sake of their career. However, in Mary Kom, you can find a lady who is a wife and a mother that turns out a boxing cup gold medal winner not just for one time but for five times. If you are keen to do something, you can accomplish your dream despite juggling the responsibilities at home.

7). Priyanka can act for any character under the sun and above the moon

Priyanka has been a great revelation to this movie – Mary Kom. She has proved that she can play any character that comes under the sun or above the moon. Be it Barfi and now Mary Kom, she has given a message to the B Town filmmakers that she can go beyond the conventional acting and do wonders with her ace performance.

Wrapping Up

Since the trailer of Mary Kom movie has hit the social media, it has garnered good response from both the audience and critics. Amidst all this, you have many things to learn from this movie.

Manoj L


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