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Alia Bhatt’s Geninus Of the Year Video crosses 5 million views

Genius of the Year video Alia Bhatt video

Ever since the 2 States actor Alia Bhatt failed to give the right answer for India’s Prime Minister, she has turned out to be the talk of the town for having low general knowledge. However, Alia Bhatt smartly dealt this issue by embarking with her Genius of the year video wherein she undergoes to a brain enhancement program to increase her intelligence quotient wherein she went through a series of rigorous mental exercises to boost up her wisdom cells in her brain.

This was made possible via the AIB (all India Bakchod) team, wherein a mockumentary video was made that changed her life after the Koffee with Karan fiasco. The way she was trained in the mental gym really made many people laugh and enjoy. People really appreciated the way Alia flaunted herself with hilarious puns and pranks doing all the mental exercises to bar the blot she got after Koffee with Karan program.

As the video surfaced over the social media site, it simply created a huge buzz and fuzz leading to a huge number of views, which went beyond the figure of 5 millions. The 2 States actor has expressed her views on her micorblogging Twitter account thanking her fans who liked and watched the hilarious video. It seems that Alia Bhatt is enjoying her success and a turnaround image, which she has built up via her genius of the year award.

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