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Anupamaa spoiler: Anu warns the rapist of severe punishment as she seeks justice for Dimple

StarPlus show Anupamaa is at the top of its game. This TV show is getting a lot of gratitude and applause from all intersections. In the show, we get to see all the twists and turns and we are overcome by that. In the latest episode, we see that Anupama is trying her best to get Dimple’s rapist punished. But those goons are also troubling Anupama, Dimple, and Shah’s house so that they remain scared. But Anupama has caught the goons and in any case trying to imprison them behind bars.

In yesterday’s episode, we saw that Anupama confronts the rapist and warns him of severe punishment. She also asks the rapist’s mother to get him out of the house after his wrongdoing. She also tells his father that she has a day to set things right and then the police will come.

MaAn fans are very happy for Anupama’s badass avatar and are praising her on Twitter.

See all Tweets here fans praising Anupamaa:

But it remains to be seen whether the rapist will accept his crime, whether Anupama will be able to get justice for Dimple?

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