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Anupamaa spoiler: Pakhi fakes pregnancy makes twisted plans to enter Kapadia house

Television show Anupamaa is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience. The show’s current direction is particularly interesting because it focuses on Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage lives. Anu and Anuj commit to fighting against evil in the latest Anupamaa episode, but the rest of the family turns on them. Dimple is inspired by Anu to fight against injustice. Around Dimpy, who is identifying her molesters, Anu is busy. Dimpy proves her might as a woman by defeating the thugs in jail. The thugs will quickly receive anticipatory bail and leave the jail unhindered. Anupamaa and Dimpy, on the other hand, are stumbling down the street without any protection because they believe the thugs are in jail. When Anuj learns that the thugs have been freed, he or she will move quickly to protect Anupama and Dimpy.

Anupamaa spoilers:

Pakhi is going above and beyond the call of duty in the forthcoming Anupamaa episode as she tries to make Adhik’s life challenging. She struggles to adapt and does her best to maintain her opulent lifestyle. Pakhi will soon make plans to move into the Kapadia residence because she is unable to live on a tight budget. She will attempt to enter the residence while acting out the pregnancy drama. The entire Shah family will flock to her aid and grin with happiness. Pakhi will live a luxury existence thanks to her cheap goods. When Pakhi shares the good news with Anupama and Vanraj, they will be glowing with happiness.

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Meanwhile, Pakhi and Baa stop Anupama and Dimpy from entering the house. Pakhi’s actions enrage Anu, who then departs with Dimpy. On the other hand, the molesters would attempt to scare and caution the Kapadia family to stop supporting Dimpy. When the abusers see Choti Anu having fun outside the house, they will smile. Because she does not want Anupama and her family to have any problems, Dimpy becomes frightened. What will occur after that?

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