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Television actresses who were criticized for their skin color

Television actresses critisized for their skin color:  Be it Bollywood or television, actors have claimed that they have been victims of prejudice due to many reasons. According to a lot of performers, a talented female with a fair complexion is always favored over one with dark skin. Several well-known television stars described the horrifying treatment they received as a result of their brown skin. Many actors, like Suchitra Pillai, Naina Singh, Parul Chauhan, and others, have overcome obstacles to establishing themselves in the business:

 Let’s look:

Naina Singh

In a conversation with ETimes TV, the actress talked about the rejections she experienced because of her skin. The actress said, “I have a dusky skin. I have been rejected so many times right on my face because of my dusky colour. They have chosen a girl who’s fair and less talented and doesn’t even know how to act. Whoever says that colour discrimination doesn’t exist is lying. I was trying my luck in the Telugu industry and an incident happened with me. I went for a meeting with a very reputed company. I won’t take the name. They told me that my acting is good and since I pick up languages very easily so that was also ok. But suddenly they told me, ‘Everything is fine, jaake tube light kha lo toh gori jaogi (go and eat tube light and you will become fair) I didn’t get selected and was told I have to do something extraordinary. I was so heartbroken. I cried a river that day. I would get rejected often and would still be fine but that day it was so harsh. Who says like that? I felt really bad.

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skin color: Rajshree Thakur

Rajshree Thakur
Rajshree Thakur

The actress, who made a comeback in Shaadi Mubarak following Saath Phere, left the program soon after. What is the definition of beauty, Rajshree inquired in one of the interviews? She stated: “Why do people label me a “dusky beauty” and add the term “dusky”? Why do they distinguish between fair and dark skin tones? Vanity is vanity. Why add dark if they are already noticing that I am beautiful?”

skin color: ​Suchitra Pillai

Suchitra Pillai
Suchitra Pillai


Suchitra Pillai, a model-turned-actress, said, “I love being called dark rather than ‘fair and pretty. It’s only a descriptor for someone with a dark complexion, and it’s not in any way offensive. “I started in this field 20 years ago when everyone wanted those pink and white beautiful women, but my colour has been welcomed everywhere I’ve been in this world,” she said.

skin color​: Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma, an actress, stated she doesn’t care if “dusky or brown”, adding, “I never told my doctor I want to be ‘fair’. All that matters is that I put a lot of work into my face and skin and had treatment.” She added that she accepts comments that she is “ugly or overrated.”

Television actresses critisized for their skin color:

Ulka Gupta

Ulka Gupta
Ulka Gupta

Ulka Gupta claimed that she was quite proud of the fact that her complexion was the reason she was chosen for her first part as Savri in “Saat Phere.” However, soon after, producers stopped telling her straight no and instead rejected her everywhere due to her dark skin tone. But she persisted in her struggle till she was acknowledged in the southern industry. “I was very passionate about performing, but unexpectedly, I first learned about the negative aspects of our business when I was very young. My father and I used to regularly attend the auditions once Resham Dankh was finished. And each time I learned that the producers were seeking a fair female, I was let down.

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