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From Kota Factory to Panchayat, 10 powerful dialogues delivered by Jitendra Kumar

From Kota Factory to Panchayat, Jitendra Kumar has shown his acting talent and proved that he was born to be an actor. Popularly known as Jeetu Bhaiya, this OTT star has also won the Filmfare Award for best actor for his comedy series, Panchayat. While studying engineering at IIT Kharagpur, he developed a liking for acting, and this is when he hoped to pursue an acting career.

With his powerful dialogue, Jeetu Bhaiya has entertained all of us and become a fan-favourite. Besides Panchayat and Kota Factory, he is also known for his characters in the Ayushmann Khurrana film Shubh Mangal Zada Savdhan and TVF’s The Pitchers. If you have watched his series, you must admit that this guy has just delivered some perfect dialogue that can serve as an inspiration to us. Many of his popular lines will indicate his knowledge and wisdom.

We have brought some of the best dialogues by Jitendra Kumar, aka Jeeta Bhaiya, that will teach you a lot.

Learn to keep your thoughts in control

 “21 din me 21 aadat lag jati hai, koi bhi aadat chhoot jati hai. Toh yahi karna hai?”

Regardless of people’s opinions, care about yourself and your satisfaction

“Bhai Sahab confidence gir jata hai. Fir jitna Duniya nahi samajhti na. Utna insaan Khud k loser samajhne lagta hai.”

There is no room for learning if you are not in a challenging environment

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong class.”

Get what you desire with your honest efforts

“Bheek maangne mein zyaada maza aata hai? Dekho Bheekh toh maango mat. Kuch chahiye toh mehnat karo aur chheen lo.”

The power of an institution can both make and break you

“Baache 2 saal mein Kota se nikal jate hain. Kota saalon tak bachon se nahi nikalta.”

Don’t study to be successful, study to be capable

 “Galat dikhate hain filmon me ki ratt ratt ke ho raha hai kisi ka selection. IIT me chatur nahi jate, Sirf Rancho jate hain. 3 idiots dekhi hai na?”

Jitendra Kumar aka Abhishek Sir’s evolution, from disliking his work to declaring that his home was there? So never despise your work, learn to love it!

“Aap logon ke liye toh office hai par mere liye toh ghar hai.”

Calling someone friend doesn’t make it friendship, you have to be there for them. This is the truth of friendships today. Hard-hitting, right?

“Dost yaar kehne se Dost yaar nahi ho jata Pradhan Ji, Nibhana padta hai.”

This one by Jitendra Kumar is gonna make you laugh out loud

“Weekend hota hai sir. Log party Karte Hain weekend pe aur mai kya kar rha tha? Lauki cheel raha tha yahan pe…”

Every one of us needs a teacher like Jeetu Bhaiya who is always there to support us and also makes us face a hard-hitting reality. 

“Every child is special. Yeh kori bakwas hai, tu koi unique personality hai. Yeh problems hazaron bachchon ke saath hoti hai. Aur kya kiya tumne? Apni problems ko dare bna diya. Aur dare seedha ego se connected hai aur ego ke nuksan bahut hai par ek fayda h chizen doable lgne lgti hain”

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