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Youth Marathi Movie Review

Youth Marathi-Movie Review

Social Drama Dies Down and Romance Prevail

In a double delight release in M Town, Youth is one of the movies that hit the theatres this Friday. The film is a social drama has Akshay Waghmare, Neha Mahajan, Akshay Mhatre, Meera Joshi, Shashank Jadhav, Ketaki Kulkarni, Satish Pulekar and Vikram Gokhale in the lead and supporting roles. The film is directed by Rakesh Kudlakar and produced by Sunder Seturam. The music comes from Vishal-Jagdish whereas it is a multi-genre film having drama, romance, action and suspense. Time to have a peep in the film to get the gist of the movie as under, let’s check them out as under:


Yuvraj played by Akshay Waghmare is a son of a politician, while Yutika played by Neha Mahajan is an activist in the group of friends that include Uday or Bunty played by Mhatre, Twishe played by Joshi, Oudi playe dKetaki Narayan and Harsh played by Shashank Jadhav. Once when they are to a trip to Goa, this bunch of friends comes across a village, which has never received rains since long and thus fights over water are a usual phenomenon. Gauging the plight of the villagers, Yuvraj who happens to be the son of politician calls his father and narrates the conditions asking him to help the villagers. He soon announces aid for the area; however, politics overpowers the same giving nothing to the villagers. Soon the group realizes about the same as they visit the place, which makes them to take things in their hand. So, what happens next is interesting to explore.


For topical films like these a good timing to release the movie is important for the audience. The film Youth has two strong elements the presence of too many youth actors in it along with taking up the social issue of water conservation to avoid drought hit situations. However, the irony of such subjects chosen for films like Youth, the filmmakers tend to lose the track soon as the protagonists announce to take thing in their hands to pursue some ambitious dreams. Perhaps the director of the film wanted Youth to be the Rang De Basanti kind of movie in M Town, but sadly he failed in his attempt to do so. He lost the track in the midway. The result came in the form of dumbfounding blend of social responsibility and romance, moral science and politics. It can be done perfectly without losing the plot unlike we have seen in the Aamir Khan Starrer film Rang De Basanti.

Soon you can find the plot jumping from water conservation to romance in the most abrupt fashion making the audience as to how it can happen in a serious kind of films like this. You will keep on asking to yourself too many times during the film screening without getting the answer. The bunch of actors mostly young in the film is certainly not a treat to catch up in the film though some of them are seen with the spark in them. The veteran actor like Vikram Gokhale is simply wasted in the film as seems to have kept adding the star value of the film.

Youth Last Word

The film Youth is seen doing a great disservice to serious subjects like these. Thanks to the bad filmmaking and poor performance. Watch only when you have loads of patience to digest a movie like this where social message dies down but romance and other elements prevail.

Rating 1.5


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