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Lalbaugchi Rani Marathi Movie Review

Lal-Baguchi-rani marathi movie review

This week the M Town embarked with a double delight, which certainly include Lalbaughi Rani. The film has slew of actors in the lead and supporting roles including Veena Jamkar, Ashok Shinde, Neha Joshi, Parth Bhalerao, Prathamesh Parab and Nandita Dhuri. The film is directed by Laxman Utekar, while it is produced by Boney Kapoor and Sunil Manchanda. It is a social genre film, which makes it drama, and social film. The music comes from the duo music director Rohan Ghuge. The 113 minutes film is has the certification of U by the censor board. Now, let’s unfold about the film in the following paragraphs:


Sandhya played by Veena Jamkar is not a regular next door girl as she happens to be mentally challenged. But she is special considering certain special features in her making people called her Lalbaughchi Rani. She is lost on her special day (birthday) when she had gone to celebrate her birthday with her parents. While getting lost, she comes across a number of people whom she is able to change their lives along with changing hers as well. Despite all efforts laid down by her parents, she remains untraceable, on the other side; she is shaping lives of even some of the hardcore criminals with her innocence. So, how does her parent find her and what happens to this special girl is an interesting thing to explore.

Mahesh Limaye has opening his innings in direction in M Town with Yellow, a film that moves around s a special child. Laxman Utekar the DOP has tried to handle the special girl with all his wits giving a smart touch to the end product. The film may not be relevant to everyone in the audience since it deals with the darker side of the society thus having no feel good factor in it. Usually, the style of filmmaking is one that many makers would adopt and understandingly so because it can engage loads of viewers. The movie is sound in technical sense especially the photography of the film. it showcases the audience with audience one might come across, the urban fast paced life apart from the darker sides of the city, however, the film fails at the execution level.

You will soon find the dialogues of the movie becoming too repetitive and so are the sequences in the film. Soon you can find the film becoming predictable, which stops the audience to enjoy the film. For a movie which finishes only in two hours simply becomes tedious to watch. Moreover, the over the top performance by Jamkar playing Sandhya soon you realize that the film is pressing too many wrong buttons rather than the right ones. So, you find her boasting the character too much making things bad to worse, which is not expected from any seasoned actor like her.

Lalbaughchi Rani Last Word

The film Lalbughchi Rani is more about exploring the multi-faceted character found in the city of Mumbai rather than anything else seen in it, which makes the film excelling. Overall, the movie though has a good script but it has failed badly in its implementation and overacting by the lead actor.

Rating – 2.5

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