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Gemini Man Review: A gripping action triller that will Keep you hooked till the end


Ang Lee who is known for his taste for visionary films, yet again manages to engage the audience with his latest action flick ‘Gemini Man’ starring the legendary Will Smith. Using CGI and innovative de-ageing softwares, Ang Lee made an exceptional attempt to blow open the walls of cinematic hyperreality. The intense face-off between both double of Will Smith is worth watching on big screens.

The plot revolves around Henry Brogan (Will Smith) who is a trained and an experienced assassin working for the United States’ DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Ageing Henry Brogan decides to retire but comes across some information that he shouldn’t know. Brogan’s former boss Clay Verris decides to take him down and hence sends his finest fighter to do the job. Once they both face each other, Henry Brogan soon realises that the assassin (Junior) who was sent to kill him is actually his own clone but younger. His battle against himself is what the plot basically revolves around.

The highlight of the film is the successful on-screen cloning of Will Smith. The movie shows a 51-year old ageing Will Smith fight it out against his younger clone who is just 23-year old.

The script of the film is said to be floating around in Hollywood since the last 22 years and now it’s finally out there in theatres. The Graphics and Visuals are impeccable and top notch, as the film was shot at 120 Frames Per Second (FPS). The action sequence of the film is no doubt one of the finests and Will Smith being Will Smith absolutely nailed it with his extreme on-screens stunts. The camera keeps motion aligned to action, rather than atmosphere, and in the dizzy POV shots atop both Henry and Junior’s motorcycles, it’s breathtaking fun.

We’d say it surely deserves a watch for all the Will Smith fans and those who love watching thriller films with unique concepts. All in all, a solid and an unique movie to watch out for.

Review : 3.5/5

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