Pretty Tony reveals transition from Real Estate Investor to Rapper 

We’re all on Instagram to consume a variety of content. While some love watching cat videos, makeover posts, and travel experiences, some others like double-tapping on everything luxury. If you’re into Hip-Hop, mean machines, a lavish lifestyle, and beautiful ladies, Pretty Tony is the man for you!
Formerly a finance manager and real estate investor, Jeffery Q. Sanders a.k.a Pretty Tony is now a sassy rapper to watch out for. His song titled Retire Me A Stripper was a massive hit that played on radio across the country. The rapper and Instagram influencer is all about the big dollar life. His Instagram feed is full of some serious eye candy—mean machines and gorgeous women included.

“I’ve worked very hard to get where I am now. You might think that the transition from real estate and finance to rap is a little unusual. But believe it or not, two things have always been a constant, pushing me to work hard through my journey—money and a stable future,” Pretty Tony reveals. The rapper has been creating music for years now and has gathered a sizeable fanbase across the country. His fans look forward to new tracks that he releases on his YouTube channel. Pretty Tony also makes sure to release teasers of upcoming work with his fans on Instagram.

Apart from that, sneak peeks from the most happening parties in the country, luxury cars, private jets, exotic vacations, big brands, rap, and dollar bills comprise of this rapper’s exciting feed. With thousands of followers engaging with his content on a daily basis, Pretty Tony knows exactly what his audience wants and he gives them that. A scroll through his feed is enough for you to get up on your feet and head to Vegas right away to party like the rockstar Pretty Tony is.
Pretty Tony is living a spectacular Vegas lifestyle while also working hard to make his dough. His life is an excellent example of how one must balance work and play to live a truly fulfilling life.

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