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Why Varun Dhawan is Doing So Many Films ?

varun-dhawan doing too many films
Varun Dhawan is a busy man these days with so many films in his hand. Though currently, he is busy promoting his upcoming film ABCD 2 but he has a number of other films lined up till December this year. When a majority of actors take pride in signing up limited number of movies, so why does Varun is going against this trend. The answer comes straight from the actor who calls it as opportunity, which shouldn’t be turned off when it comes your way.

This year he started with Badlapur with an intense role followed by ABCD 2, which is a dance number. As per the actor, he is seen experimenting with two diverse films – first action and serious role and  then a dance based film. His next film would be on a different subject with a different role. As per the actor, with doing diverse films, he would be able to get rid of the risk of doing the same things again and again and thus creating his negative image before the audience. This is also one of the key reasons of trying different films.

At the very same time, he regrets spending time with his family especially parents whom he calls his world. He then expressed his desire to gift a holiday to his parents who are never demanding to him or his brother. He calls Badlapur as his favourite film as it proved out to be a game changer in his life. Perhaps this is the very reason why he is always busy doing a number of films just to prove his worth before the audience apart from making himself as the stable actor in Bollywood.

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