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Why Tiger 3 Falls Short in Competing with Box Office Titans Jawan & Pathaan?

The tagline “This time, it’s personal!” was strategically employed by the makers of Tiger 3 to heighten anticipation through its teasers and trailer. This phrase inherently suggests that the stakes will be significantly higher when India’s top R&AW agent’s family becomes entangled in the complex political maelstrom between India and Pakistan.

However, upon viewing the film, viewers are left questioning whether this promise was truly delivered upon. The film fails to effectively convey the personal stakes that were so heavily emphasized in its promotional materials. This disconnect between the expectations set by the trailers and the actual narrative is a primary reason why viewers may not connect with the film as deeply as they anticipated.

In contrast, both Pathaan and Jawan, two other recent action films with similar themes, have managed to deliver a more cohesive and impactful narrative, effectively balancing the personal and political aspects of their storylines. This highlights that Tiger 3, despite its initial promise of a deeply personal narrative, falls short in comparison to its counterparts.

The film’s marketing, with its tagline “This time, it’s personal!”, created an expectation of a deeply personal storyline. However, this promise was not fulfilled. While Emraan Hashmi’s character, Aatish, briefly held Tiger’s son captive, this plot point lacked the emotional intensity and personal stakes that the marketing suggested. Additionally, Tiger’s collaboration with Zoya to save the Pakistani Prime Minister’s life further diluted the personal aspect of the narrative. If saving the Pakistani government is considered a personal matter due to Zoya’s involvement, then the marketing effectively employed clickbait tactics to mislead viewers.

Tiger 3 adheres to the predictable formula of introducing a problem, the heroic protagonist, and the subsequent resolution of the issue. While the execution is more complex, the overall narrative lacks any significant takeaways beyond Hrithik Roshan’s post-credit scene. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan cameo fails to elevate the film, as his character essentially mirrors Tiger’s role in the film. The underwhelming visual effects further diminish the impact of the highly anticipated reunion between the two superstars.

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