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How Deepfake Video has targetted Kajol this time? Check Details

Following the emergence of deepfake videos and photos of Rashmika Mandanna and Katrina Kaif, a digitally altered video featuring Bollywood actor Kajol has now surfaced on the internet. The clip depicts a woman with Kajol’s face superimposed on her body changing clothes in front of a camera. However, multiple fact-checking platforms, including BoomLive, have confirmed that the original video features an English social media influencer who posted it on TikTok as part of the ‘Get Ready With Me’ trend.

The deepfake video emerged on social media a few days ago, deceiving numerous users into believing that the woman changing outfits in the edited video was the iconic Bollywood actress Kajol herself. However, BoomLive and other reputable fact-checking websites have exposed the video as a fabrication, created using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These AI tools have the ability to manipulate and replace a person’s face in videos and pictures, often leading to the creation of false and misleading content.

The original video, posted by TikTok user Rosie Breen on June 5, 2023, was part of the popular ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) trend. However, the digitally manipulated version that has gone viral replaces Breen’s face with that of Kajol, making it appear as if the Bollywood actress is changing outfits and flaunting her physique.

The emergence of this deepfake video coincides with growing concerns surrounding the misuse of deepfake technology. Recently, videos and photos of prominent actresses, including Katrina Kaif, have been circulating online, raising concerns about the potential misuse of deepfakes to spread misinformation and harm reputations. In Kaif’s case, a digitally altered image from her upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’ surfaced online, replacing her stuntwoman’s attire with a revealing outfit.

In the case of Rashmika Mandanna, a deepfake video emerged depicting a woman clad in black entering an elevator. However, her face was manipulated to resemble the actress’s features. Several social media users promptly identified the video as fake, sparking concerns about the rapid dissemination of unreliable information across the internet. Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan, upon the video’s circulation, urged legal action to address this matter. Rashmika Mandanna, the actress whose likeness was misused, expressed her alarm, labeling the video as “extremely scary.”

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