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Why Sreesanth can be a winner of Bigg Boss 12?


Ever since the former cricketer was announced as the participant in the controversial reality show called Bigg Boss, he has been making news in the media. The actor has been in news for many reasons ever since he joined the show. Be it for being short tempered or doing a couple of things that make others uncomfortable. He was seen getting into heated argument as well that made him the controversial figure as well. So, there are many traits in him that make him a perfect stuff for a winner. How about catching up a few of reasons to be a winner in this race, have a look as under:

He is famous

Yes he is famous and the day the show started he has been making news for one reason or the other. The former cricketer has been making a good mess around him and his life in the show. He entered like a celebrity contestant and was also seen getting into heated argument with the lady Somi Khan belonging to the commoner group. He knows how to make a mess out of it things in any episode making him more famous.

He is controversial

sreesanth using Mobile in BB12

Besides being famous for all wrong reasons before and after coming into the Bigg Boss show, the actor is also controversial in nature and has maintained the same in the past as well. He despite knowing that there is a hefty clause asking for 50 lakhs from the contestant if he or she leaves the show in on their own was ready to quit the show making him more controversial. He has remained controversial due to his match fixing case in 2013 in the IPL and later the Kerala High Court has restored the ban as well.

He has drama and the Spice

sreesanth & Karanveer

Every time he utters something bad he creates the storm, which in turn brings in the storm and drama around. The show has been huge to bring in loads of drama and mess around that can make him the best man to create his image for a potential winner.

Wrapping up

Sreesanth certainly has that the knack to create any kind of mess around his life making him the potential winner in this game. Hopefully he emerges as a winner this season.

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