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She is Maa Durga” Mahika Sharma on Tanushree Dutta

Actress Mahika Sharma who is herself favorite child of controversy has now come out in support of Tanushree Dutta and has referred her Maa Durga.

“I can see Maa Durga in her. She dont need anyone support as I can feel the truth in her eyes. I dont really know what is the truth. But can see how the innocent girl living the pain for 10 years has come out to fight and win. And as truth is with her she dont need our support. She can fight for herself,” Mahika said in her statement.
Mahika who is busy shooting for her upcoming bollywood movie The Modern culture with British porn star Danny D also said in our country girls are always harassed this way or that way.
“I’m really stressed, my life has become a part of public talk. People harassing me because they think in a very stupid way. Some call me a porn actress others think that I’m girlfriend of a obscene star. People cant think of friendship and work. They always need to talk something beyond it. Its an obvious situation that even when the girl speak about sex, society never look her with respect. I personally feel my country is very illiterate to understand things and keep a proper point of view. Here people only enjoy making fun of others life. And I don’t find anything will be changed in future too.”
She also says that #MeToo movement will never help in our country.
“Here people can never enjoy and win from the society which always favors a man. Dutta case will also rest once media moves on. There are many such cases already in the history of bollywood.”
Earlier many celebrities like Rakhi Sawant, Twinkle Khanna, Swara Bhaskar and other bollywood celebrities has spoke about the case.
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