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Multiple Avatar of Priyanka Chopra that shook the world

The B Town actress Priyanka Chopra has multiple roles to play when you look at her persona. After embarking upon as a global icon, she is back in the news with her engagement with the US-based Singer and then for a number of other things. In fact, she is a lady who is reported the most despite being away from Bollywood for some time. Well, now she is back in news not for wearing a small dress or any Tee with some racial message or any other venture in Hollywood but her new innings as a trader in the US. Yes, you heard it right, she is now treading the path to be an investor and entrepreneur now.

As per reports, she is opening up a new chapter by becoming an investor in a start-up company in a technology called Holberton School, which is basically coding education company apart from dealing with a social media and dating app called Bumble. This is also an attempt from her side to make some changes in the technological industry addressing the issue of gender disparity in this domain. Talking about the venture, she said, it’s her new chapter in the market and she is damn excited about the dating app venture and the school being an investor.Priyanka chopra Bumble Aap

She then said that she is excited to be the part of the two companies at the same time being an investor just to know that she would be expanding the gender diversity in the technology space along with making a greater impact on the society for the good and the greater good as she tweeted about it. It’s her first venture as an investor in such sector. She was seen recently making her visit to the company office at San Francisco, which deals with teaching technology to the students.Priyanka Chopra Started Education Technology Center

As per reports, the venture is of 8.2 USB million, while she would be joining the board of advisers with her investment in the venture that has the mission to educate people especially from the poor and underprivileged backgrounds. Her other investment in the dating app is founded by the man called Whitney Wolfe Herd wherein she plans to promote the same in India as well in the coming months. She was introduced to this market by her own manager in the Silicon Valley.

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