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Why prosecution Salman Khan he is plain guilty?

salman khan hit and run case

The hit and run case of actor Salman Khan has been in debate since past few days in the media. It was on 28th of December in a harsh winter night, exactly 13 years ago a man in white land cruiser was seen running over the pavement across American Express Bakery over Hill Road in Bandra killing one and injuring others. The tires of the vehicle mercilessly injured the people sleeping in the dark night, while one has to lose his life for the reckless driving of an actor popularly known as Salman Khan. Soon, it was dawned that the car belonged to Salman and he was only driving the car while bringing his car over the footpath. What really followed was series drama, which was reported in the media. If you check the recent times, if you have been following the drama, you would know how his driver embarked in the scene taking all the allegations on himself and claiming that it was he who was driving and not the actor. However, the fact, is the victims claimed that it was Salman only who was driving his vehicle and was drunk while driving. Now, you have an unhappy prosecution, who claims that the driver is a liar and should be questioned the authenticity of his claims. In the closing argument, the lawyers at the prosecution have made a compelling case against the actor raising the following questions, which can prove him plain guilty.

Why the silence for so long ?

The very first question, why did the driver kept quiet for long while the actor was seen fighting the case since past 13 years. As per reports, the prosecutor Pradeep Gharat was seen saying that how anyone could be silent for such a long time, was he not aware about the case and restlessness evident against the actor. He further said that this is nothing but an unacceptable and unnatural conduct, which cannot be considered at any point of time.

Why the Khans didn’t act against the negligent driver?

Important question though, if you have a reckless driver you will not take too long to fire him. On the contrary you have an employer who is taking the sins of his driver and has even employed for no good reason. As per reports, the driver came out with this revelation only when Salman’s father asked him to speak the truth. However, the prosecution question as to why his father had not asked the driver to speak the truth earlier? Ironically, even his family members knew the culprit then why did they speak about the matter about the irresponsible driver.

How his car was parked under hotel porch?

As per the prosecution, the actor’s car was found parked under the porch of the five star hotels (JW Marriott) wherein no driver or any other person is allowed to park the car. As per rules, except the owner no other person is allowed to park his or her vehicle at the said space, which again questions the driver that he could be speaking false.

Salman Khan was driving the car

Why would his car (SUV) ever skid if it is moving on a normal Mumbai road? As per the driver, he has driven the car over the footpath dwellers deliberately, however, the tyre burst lead the car see the skid and mount over the footpath. The prosecution called this statement as false since such vehicles have radial tyres having wider width as compared to the other tyres. These are competent to move smoothly over the marshy, muddy and over the uneven surfaces and stones. Hence the possibility of the tyre skid could be a very rare event. Also, such tyres never burst out for petty reasons as given by the driver. Even if the tyres are burst, they will never burst. As per the RTO officer, there was no such tyre burst incident.

Two different defence stories filed about the events?

The Khan’s lawyer initially recorded the statement that the actor lifts the car, which later ran over the sleeping people over the footpath. This was simply made to prove that Khan was not drunk when he was driving. However, in the recent statement, it was the driver who took the car over teh footpath but it did not kill anybody. This according to the prosecution is a bizarre statement. This statement simply proves that he the driver is a self condemned liar. So, if no one is below the tyres what is the point of lifting the car, simply gives the explanation.

Wrapping up

With every passing day, you have something interesting cooking inside the Hit and Run case of Salman Khan. Though the defence has been yelling that the actor was not driving the car, however, it failed to give the name of the man driving other than Salman. So, after so long years, the defence lawyers have found out the name of the man driving the car. People who are the fans of Salman can believe this theory; however, the prosecution would certainly not believe the same.

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