Friday, January 28, 2022
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Campaign against Self Medication in India launched

With Sky rocketing healthcare services, more and more Indians are heading towards self medication. As per reports, more than 52 percent of Indians are indulging in self medication owing to the time constraints or with perception of avoiding the soaring fees of doctors. As per a study carried out by a healthcare firm called Lybrate, the idea of self medication, causes a number of health issues like liver damage, ulcers, kidney failures, diarrhoea, miscarriages and even strokes.

Most of the times, the health damages are irreversible. Around 20,000 respondents were reached out based in ten different cities all over the nation for this report. It was a nationwide awareness program with a tag – Say No To Self Medication, which was launched yesterday by Director General of Health Services Mr. Jagdish Prasad. The study also reported that the case of self medication is more in India and is among the growing problems of the nation.

People simply consume medicines on their own without realizing a fact that they can have an adverse impact over their health. The study also indicated another cause, which claimed that the easy availability of drugs for minor health issues is one of the critical causes of self medication. People are seen consuming drugs as suggested by chemists, their friends or even via their past experiences. Also, the growing use of internet too has made things bad to worse. People with an idea of finding medicines online come over the web to find out the solution.

According to the CEO of Lybrate, Mr Saurabh Arora, there is alarming situation in India, which has to be controlled with strong measurements so that people can shed away from the effects of self medication. One of the vital link found out for this campaign is the chemists who are seen selling out the drugs to people, hence these people are also being roped in the said campaign. The campaign is likely to start from New Delhi and NCR locations followed by taking the same to the other parts of India.

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