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Why Diljit Dosanjh’s career in Bollywood would go in a long run?

Diljit Dosanjh

A few years not many were knowing about this turban clan sikh man called Diljit Dosanjh. But with several Bollywood movies when he appeared in the lead role, he was seen coming out in the form of a back to back releases in B Town many feel that he he is competent and would go on a long run as far as his career in Bollywood. People feel that he has the potential to go long over the ruts shown over the B Town. Well, the following could be the reason why Diljit Dosanjh’s career in Bollywood would go in a long run?
A Sikh with a Difference 
When he started thinking about acting, while he was a successful musician, many felt that he planning for a wrong move. He gave a couple of hits in regional cinema particularly in Punjabi and some of them were at the top in terms of getting big hits. He was discouraged for not entering into the Bollywood as no Sikh guy has ever got the success. He will not be able to manage with his turban in the movie. However, his back to back Bollywood films proved that he is a Sikh with a difference and make out things in a right way.
He is a versatile actor 
Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit Dosanjh
The Punjabi Munda has been appreciated for his versatile performances over the silver screen. He has managed to play a wide range of roles particularly in the films like Jatt & Juliet series, Punjab 1984 and Ambarsariya. Despite the success, people called him that he would not be a successful actor in Bollywood as he has the turban.
He is Choosy 
He is known for his rustic look and feel apart from his simplicity. However, what makes him different from others is that he is very much choosy about this films. He looks for movies which will give him roles that can give him the chance to prove his skills and performances. Though with his back to back films, he is now able to get a number of movies but he tends to remain choosy so that he can give the best to the audience.
Wrapping Up 
There several other ways which can make Diljit Dosanjh a man who can go a long way in Bollywood.
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