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Bollywood Fashion Watch : Sonam Kapoor stuns to Kangana Ranaut All glitter like gold

sonam kagana

As we see the Cannes fever running high, the fashion hawkers seemed to have fixed their eyes over the red carpet at the much-known place called the French Riviera. Now, we see Sonam Kapoor making her flamboyant appearance at the known film festival, while the anticipation seems to be high over the way she would be appearing at her next red carpet. Also, we see closer to the style icon of Bollywood is the Queen actress of Bollywood called Kangana Ranaut who seems to be flying high with her cool look and sassy style. Let’s check how these ladies are giving their stunning look and feel with while hey glitter like gold as under:

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan cannes

Before we talk about Sonam Kapoor or the other diva, we should check Mahira Khan the Raees actress. She simply turns cool and stunning with her outfit designed by the Dubai-based designer Maison Yeya. As you check her she is seen in a gorgeous gown, which is strapless one getting featured a structured detail all over the waist. This has ended up giving her a cool and interesting look.  Apart from her elegant ensemble,we can see th dewy and refreshing make-up palette, which seemed to be rounded off her look. She is then seen soft side-parted along with her wavy hair giving a perfect look.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

She is known for her style statement and this time it is certainly no exception. Sonam Kapoor embarked upon the ultra-chic street style statement as she was seen getting spotted wearing a blue and white combo over the known prestigious event. She was styled by Rhea Kapoor and Deep Kailey, while the duo seemed to have picked up a blue dual-toned jean from the brand called Bhane. Soon they were teamed with the oversized white shirt that features the balloon sleeves designed by the known Irish fashion designer called Simone Rocha.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

After getting her enchanting looks at the French Riviera, she is back with an array of her cool outfits. She was seen in delicious summer dressing goals at the Dior mini. As you check her, she was seen with her lemon-yellow piece seen along with the embellished fiery dragon and ‘Positive’ emblazoned all over the front along with her chic creation. Her outfit has simply made her to get the minimalistic look.

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