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5 Bollywood Actors who Promote Cycling

Cycling is often called as a greener way of living. The lifestyle is often promoted in the media by my celebrities and Bollywood actors are no exception. They are seen cycling in their real and reel life as well just to encourage their fans to adopt cycling just to reduce the use of vehicles that remain the key cause to the pollution. At this stage, it would be interesting to see the list of actors who have been promoting cycling too often. How about catching up the 5 Bollywood Actors who Promote Cycling as under:

1). Salman Khan

Salman Khan Enjoying A Cycle Ride In Panvel

Every fan of this actor knows the fact that Salman Khan loves cycling. We have seen him trying to cycle in various movies be it Kick, or even his earlier ones called Maine Pyaar Kiya, and many more such movies wherein we have seen him cycling. In real life also, he is seen cycling alone or with his brothers.

2). Shah Rukh Khan

We have seen SRK also promoting the idea of cycling in public life. The actor has come a long way and many have seen him cycling in his real life as well including the roads of the Mumbai suburb called Bandra with his kids or with other celebs as well. It was interesting to see how he promoted the idea of cycling at different places including at the film of Rohit Shetty in Chennai Express.

3). Ajay Devgn

He is known to have a fit body even when he is closing to fifty. He managed to give surprise to his fans with his incredible stunts in his films including standing on two bikes or cars. But at heart he likes cycling. He loves to cycle and promotes the idea of cycling as well.

4). Ranbir Kapoor

He looks cute in everything he does, which certainly include cycling. He has promoted the idea of cycling in one of the promotion of a brand but he promoted the idea of cycling.

5). John Abraham

The handsome hunk also likes to cycle apart from being a passionate biker. He is a fitness freak and is known to cycle a lot.

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