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Why Ajay Devgn’s and Tabu’s Drishyam is far away from the original flick!


The recently released Ajay Devgn & Tabu starring film Drishyam seems to have taken a decent opening. The film is a remake of the however, if you cannot just compare the same with the original one made in south Indian language. Frankly speaking, the film follows the original plot to the T with certain medications in terms of language, location and actors, however, the central team remained the same. Yet, it cannot be compared with the original one for the following reasons:

People already knew the plot and the twist

Since it was the remake of the south Indian film, hence many people already knew the twist and turn found in the film. So, when the movie was released in the B Town, more than 80 percent of the audience already had the idea about the plot and the climax, which hampered the Pan India buzz the Bollywood movies have in the country. By browsing over the internet people were easily able to get the insight about the story.

Shriya Saran was the bad miscast

When it comes to cast of the movie, Shriya Saran can be called as the miscast, however, Tabu’s character was strong, which overshadowed everyone including Ajay Devgn playing the character of Vijay Sargaokar in the film. Also, when you compare the original movie you cannot just compare Meera with Shriya as she is away ahead than the latter. She didn’t appear like a mother of two, while her makeup marred her look, which is expected out from any ordinary house wife.

The kids failed to evoke empathy as seen in the original

The very basic complaint for the movie comes in the form of pace in the first half, which seems languishing as compared to the original one. The film takes its own time as it helps in establishing the family setting and their idyllic existence that helped to feel during the post interval. However, if you check the original one, the kids were incredible in their performance, which seemed the remake of Hindi lagging behind in this aspect. Here you can only find some average performances of these characters.

Tabu’s Distracting Costumes

Tabu was simply incredible in her performance in the movie overshadowing all the actors in the film. Most of the critics have given positive remark about her character, thanks to her dexterous attitude and character, which she has build up all these years and successfully translated over the silver screen. However, who hell designed her costumes, is an interesting question to pose? Well the designer was only interested in making her look glamorous even in the police uniform, how disgusting.

Rajat Kapoor was Simply Wasted

Rajat Kapoor is such a talented actor of B Town who is known to play some of the best ways in the Bollywood movies. However, in this movie, he was seen a total waste with completely fringe character who has nothing but to embark with few dialogues and stand by the side of his wife. One may argue as to the character of the original film played by Siddique too was small, however, he was seen with good dialogues, which made his presence felt over the silver screen. Ironically, Rajat Kapoor was nothing but a waste in the film, which was not the case with the original one.

Ajay Devgn as a Common Man

One of the key reasons why the original Drishyam worked was the incredible performance of the common man called La Mohanlal played by Kamal Haasan. Though you may find this man popular for playing superhuman characters, however, he simply outperformed in the film. On the other side, Ajay Devgn as a common man was lagging behind in many ways. However, he tried to pose the best with his poise and cool demeanor, yet failed to impress the audience and critics. In fact, his character of common man in the film somewhere resemble to a man of Singham style, which was indeed sucking.

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