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7 Best Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi or Basil leaves are among the most common plants in Indian households, which is important for various reasons including health and religious ones in this country. In Hindu mythology, the Tulsi plant is among the most revered ones for its certain divine properties. These are often used for a number of medical decoctions. With wide array of benefits, Tulsi can be a boon for mankind. How about checking the top benefits of Tulsi or Basil leaves as under:

1) Beats Diabetes

The basil leaves are found with loads of antioxidants and important oils, which produce Eugenol, Caryophyllene and methyl Eugenol.  All these together simply help the pancreatic beta cells and its features properly. This in turn simply boosts the sensitivity to insulin. It therefore helps in reducing the blood sugar in our body along with treating the menace called diabetes effectively. The other benefit comes in the form of the antioxidants, which further help the leaves help to beat the bad effects of oxidative stress.

2) Protects the Heart

Tulsi or basal leaves have very powerful anti-oxidant component known as Eugenol, which in turn help in securing the heart by simply keeping  the blood pressure in a right shape and thus reduce his/her cholesterol levels. If you chew a few leaves of this plant empty stomach on a daily basis, you can certainly prevent and protect your heart from different ailments.

3) Beats stress

As per a study conducted by the Central stimulantalluring Research Institute, Tulsi can play its role in maintaining the stress hormone level in a right way.  The leaf is also known to have certain robust adaptogen properties, which include the anti-stress agent function. It simply helps in relaxing your nerves and regulates the blood circulation along with beating up the radicals, which are produced during the stress. People who are known to have high stress jobs can beat the stress by simply chewing about 12 leaves of tulsi once or twice in a day and get rid of stress naturally.

4) Dissolve the Kidney Stones

The Holy basil are among the best diuretic and detoxifier for people looking for an ease for kidneys. These leaves help in reducing the uric acid levels in your blood, which in turn help in cleaning the kidneys. With acetic acid present in these leaves, it can help in regulating the pain of kidney stones to a great extent. in order to relieve kidney stones, you need to have juice of  these leaves along with the honey on a daily basis for around six months. This way, you can get rid of the stones inside your kidney.

5) Beats Cancer

With some strong anti oxidants and anti carcinogenic features, Tulsi is known to have stopped the profession of breast and oral cancer to a great extent. The reasons are obvious, these help in restricting the flow of the blood due to tumor by simply attacking the blood vessels by supplying it. You can consume the tulsi on a daily basis in order to  keep away from these conditions.

6) Quit Smoking

Tulsi is among the known strong anti stress compounds and can help you in a big way to give away smoking. It can even help in reducing the stress, which people often try to get away using the idea of smoking. The cooling effect of these leaves can help in regulating the smoking cessation. So, instead of trying cigarettes, you can chew these leaves on a regular basis and get rid of the same.

7) Keep your skin healthy

One of the best ways you can add the glowing effect over your skin is by simply trying Tulsi. If you are consuming it raw, it can even help in making your blood and skin pure adding the glow and luster, you have been looking ahead. It is also anti bacterial and anti fungal, which in turn help in reducing the breakouts and acne prone skin. The doctor practicing in Ayurveda often recommend these leaves for having clean blood and skin. Besides, it also removes the issue of itchiness of the scalp, which in turn help in reducing the hair fall. You can use it by mixing it with coconut oil and then apply the same over the scalp in order to prevent the hair fall. By consuming Tulsi leaves, drinking the juice or adding the paste over your face like a face pack can really help in curing your skin and make your hair conditions better.

Wrapping up

Tulsi leaves or basal leaves promise a number of health benefits. If you are keen in shaping up your health, you can certainly enjoy a wide range of benefits from Tulsi leaves. So, why not try them all and enjoy a cool life all together.

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