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What’s Missing in MS Dhoni-The Untold Story?

ms dhoni untold story

The MS Dhoni The Untold Story has banged the Box Office in a big way giving Shushant Singh Rajput a good opening in B Town after doing three movies. The film, which started with a meager buzz in the media ended up doing huge over the box office all set to enter into the hundred crore club. The film has so far become the second best grosser in 2016. However, digging deep the film has failed to capture the real Mahi of MS Dhoni. There are couple of key elements, which seems to be missed by the director Neeraj Pandey in it. How about checking the missing chapters of MSD despite having some importance in his life as under:

Where is his elder brother Narendra Singh Dhoni in the film

When one can find all his family members and friends in the movie, his elder brother NS Dhoni seems to be missing in the film. The movie has shown his elder sister, his brother in law, father and mother but has missed his elder brother who is a local politician known to change parties (as joined earlier the BJP and now in SP).

RP Singh is missing

As per reports, RP or Rudra Pratap Singh has been a known friend of MSD, whom even the captain, has applauded calling him a talented actor. The two have been together too often, right from being present at his new home to other important milestones of his life, RP has been always there with MS, which seems to have been missed by the director.

The way he has become a captain

Remember Azhar film, there it was shown how he was appointed as a captain, however, in the case of MSD movie, we failed to understand why this important aspect of his life was not covered in the movie.

His alleged relationship with Laxmi Raai

The relationship of MS Dhoni with south sensation actress Raai Laxmi has been in news for not less than five years. She has been the brand ambassador of the Cricket team (CSK) in IPL for which MS has been the captain for so many years. However, the director has missed to cover this element in this film.

The movie only focused on batting and not wicket keeping

MS Dhoni has entered into the team as wicket keeper when Team India was suffering from the dearth of a good wicket keeper. In fact, since his childhood, he has been a good wicket keeper, but except the childhood moments, his batting was only highlighted.

Why he collects stumps always after winning any match

If you are MSD’s fan then you must know how he collects a stump after winning each match. In fact, there are certain astrological stories behind his action that has some connection with his Zodiac sign cancer besides some funny stories like he is collecting the stumps to help his friend build a fence around his home.


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