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Web Series ‘Better with You’ Infuses Halloween Romance for the Audiences

Better With YouRomantic comedies aren’t uncommon — but, yes romantic comedies set around Halloween are. On the similar account, Apple Juice Productions has delivered a new original web series titled “Better With You,” that has been set during the heart of spooky season.

“Better With You” is an opposites-attract love story that has been centred around attention-loving Iris and the introverted Warner while their blossoming relationship navigates through.

Better With You” has been created, produced and starred in by Amanda Taylor, who also stars as the extroverted Iris for the show. It has been also executive produced, shot and edited by Kailee Brown and directed by Bri Castellini. The cast for the series includes reserved Warner (Colin Hinckley), Elodie (Tayler Swenson), Suzanne (Cheryl Holdaway), Lucy (Cindy Manwill) and Mark (Tito Levas).

As known, the inspiration for “Better With You” raised from Taylor and Brown’s friendship. Taylor inspires the character Iris, who is very extroverted and social, while Brown is more of the indoor kind.

Sharing the web series account, Taylor said, “I thought, this would be actually a really interesting love story. So I sort of like shifted it into that. It was inspired by us, but then I turned it into a rom-com because that’s what I enjoy watching. Deciding to set the series during Halloween was a no-brainer. Halloween is my favorite holiday.”

Further adding, “There are a lot of Hallmark Christmas romance movies and I just thought, ‘Where’s my Halloween romance?’ So I made it myself.”

Taylor has written the script for “Better With You” with the intention to cast herself as Iris as mentioned by her, “It’s kind of fun because I knew I could play like a pretty heightened version of how I respond to social situations.”
She further said, “We had submissions, auditions, callbacks and ran through the whole process, but we also brought on a director who was someone that we have loved for a really long time. We became long-distance friends and fans of one another’s work. When the opportunity arose for us to finally collaborate, it felt like fate.”

“Better With You” is Apple Juice Production’s first original web series that follows the success of “The Lily Evans” series, “Stoneybrook Revisited” and “The Cate Morland Chronicles.” With this new web series, Taylor seems quite excited to break into a new audience, “We’re trying to get an older audience, people who are more college-age is ideal. We’re trying to show off more of our skills.”
The first episode is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and YouTube while the new episodes will be available on each Thursday, with the finale airing on Halloween.

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