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Vikram’s I Movie Box Office Collection : Will it affect on PK’s Consistancy

Can you guess how many days the perfectionist star movie ‘Pk’ is still rolling all over the B town? No? So, let’s check this out. A much awaited movie whose promos and especially the posters had made each n every Bollywood fan impressed like anything. But now it seems the movie have taken a turn wherein it seems like it will be really difficult for any of the looming movies to take that place. Of course the statement thus seems UN-believable but it’s indeed truth. Moreover, this time what exactly makes us eager to know is that, Is there any possibility that the un believable craze could be lowered to some level? Yes, there is, but as far as the movie response is concerned then surely it will be difficult for any movie to even dislocate the response of ‘Pk’. And the movie which rolling right in front ‘Pk’ is the Aascar Film movie ‘I’, a movie featuring Shankar, Chiyaan Vikram, and Amy Jackson as leading stars.

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Up till now, this totally in response to the perfectionist man ‘Aamir Khan’s’ movie ‘Pk’, whereas if we talk about the response for ‘I’ – Purely a Tamil based movie but hold on guys, despite the movie is purely Tamil based but still the pre-release of the movie had actually created a boom wherein it seems like even if the movie cannot stop the grabbing of box office collection of Pk but still the movie can surely hamper the movie’s response. Just by having a single glance on the movie trailer each one of us can predict how much the movie will perform, though the movie ‘I’ is getting released today but lets see what impact does it makes on the collection of ‘Pk’

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