Ventilator Movie Review

Emotional punches move overboard in the film thus hampering its entertainment value

This post week of Diwali in M Town has the much hyped film called Ventilator. The film has got the hype for the obvious reasons on having Priyanka Chopra on the board for being the producer of the same along with Dr. Madhu Chopra. The film is directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, while as said is produced by Priyanka Chopra under the banner of Purple Pebble Productions. The film happens to be a family drama, which has Ashutosh Gowariker, Jitendra Joshi, Sulbha Arya, Sukanya Kulkarni-Mone and Satish Aalekarin the leading actors in the movie. The music comes from Rohan, while the film has the script from Rajesh Mapuskar. Well, time to catch the insight about the film and get the crux of the same as under:

Ventilator Review

It is obvious to get scared when we hear the term ventilator, which one hears when any patient reaches to the last stage in the hospital and thus kept alive medically to several reasons. However, the film has much to reveal. The fact is in this film you can find Gajanan Kamerkar suffering from the brain hemorrhage. And the very moment the news about the same breaks off in the family especially to the relatives back in Konkan village, they all gather in the hospital to meet the ailing patient. All the people visiting the hospital have diverse mindset and thus are seen dragging their own viewpoints in the discussion. So, what goes forth is something interesting which is worth catching up in the nearest cinema hall.

Though the film doesn’t have any well knitted story life, yet the portrayal of these viewpoints of Kamerkar’s relatives simply turns out to be the base of this film. Hence in the first half you are going to roll on over the aisles along with the confusion that is created while every character speaks about his or her issues and counters the arguments of others. However, after the interval the film simply gets a bit emotional and every sequence seems to be going overboard. This talks about a lot about its pace, had the makers of the film paid a bit of their heed in this section they would had ended up making a classic film.

The two actors who had an edge in terms of their performance are more often seen in the second half are Jitendra Joshi and Satish Alekar. They have tried to add the soul in these two characters in the film. Similarly, Sukanya Mone while playing the character of Prasanna’s elder sister too has some interesting performance in the film. Satish Alekar who is the senior playwright is seen playing a good character in the film while Bhau of Ventilator too is seen doing a great job in it. He has managed to outscore the rest of the cast with his realistic performance. On the other side, the popular director from B Town called Ashutosh Gowariker was also seen in the film but he lags behind in putting the soul, which is required to play his character. His performance was close to average and in a sense has failed to impress the audience.

The director of the film has tried to shape the character nicely however, it was implementation part, which has gone wrong in many ways thus hampering the entertainment value to a great extent. It may difficult to compare his films with other movies like Ferrari Ki Sawari yet has failed to put the things that make things classic. Yet in a sense one may find the film emotional enough to be seen at least once in a theatre. The other elements like music, photography, screenplay and editing seemed okay and have managed to help in boosting up the entertainment value to some extent.

Ventilator Review Last Word

We could find a couple of good performances in the film which have touched the heart but the overall picture isn’t that rosy to attract everyone for the film. The name ventilator though has tried its best to add the element of emotions in it, hence needless to say that the audience will go with this element before even catching up the film ending up losing their tears on their cheek. All in all its an okay venture of Priyanka Chopra, and it was her persona only that helped the film to have some buzz in the media otherwise, it could have gone unnoticed in the media.

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