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Did Rahul Raj Singh forced Pratyusha Banerjee into PROSTITUTION- The Inside Story


The 1st April of 2016 started with scary news which people taught as an April Fool Day but soon it confirmed that the popular actress of the TV show from Colors called Pratyusha Banerjee has committed suicide. Since then many things came forward in the form of rumors and investigation pointing fingers at Rahul Raj Singh. However, the recent conversation with the late actress boyfriend has led to a number of horrifying confessions that led many to think how much more the man on earth can fall or stoop. Though many thought of different things about the reason behind committing suicide but as the truth surfaces no one in his circle could believe on the facts that came forward with the conversations made with Rahul Raj. Let’s have the glimpse of the same.

Seven months after the suicide case

It took seven months for the police and other authorities to get the real crux of the case. One can find a couple of revelations from this conversation with Rahul. The transcript of Pratausha Banerjee last phone call with his boyfriend has to say much about the same before she took her own life. It showcases the mental state, trauma and the kind of relationship she had with him that unfolded which cannot be called as less gut wrenching at all.

The Course of Conservation

As you check the course of conversation as shown below you can make out how things have transpired between the two. During the conversation, one can find the actress slipping into the hands of death while her boyfriend is seen helplessly trying to convince her against the same.  The conversation also reveals some of the murky details about things like abortion, death threats and several serious allegations and moral policing and the slut shaming things. Knowing about the conversation, she had just turned before ending her life as well which seemed very much disturbing. It is really very much heartbreaking to know about the life and the situations that can push you all over the edge hence mercilessly that can be even bearing like a burden.

Wrapping up

As you check the conversation with the two, you can very much imagine how low the man can go when he is seen asking the lady to even sell her body to survive. Not only was that she even forced to terminate her child in her womb due to the pressure created by her boyfriend. Shame on him! With these things coming to light it seems that the case Pratyusha Banerjee is far from closed, however, we wish and pray that her soul rests in peace.

Have a look at the complete conversation (transcript) between Pratyusha and Rahul as under:






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