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Upgrade your soul and mind with morning exercises

Today, we all live a very hectic life, thanks to the fierce competition witnessed in this world. It is not just enough to establish proficiency in just one or two aspects of life. You are supposed to adopt a holistic approach in order to gain the right edge. If you incorporate expertise in your morning routine, you would be treading on a happy path and thus end up getting a productive life. In this way, you end up keeping your life intact and free from diseases. Now, let’s check how we can take care of our soul mind and body by starting with the former as under:


In a stress life of today, you need to relax, keep your blood pressure in control and enhance your focus with breathing exercises. The first step comes in the form of a three part breathing exercise, which can last for around two to three minutes. For this, you are supposed to find out a calm and quiet place and occupy your seat. Once you are ready, you just have to breathe in by silently counting to seven. Once you reach to the inhalation, you are required to breath for a count of seven followed by gradually exhaling for a count of seven. Now, just repeat this cycle for around three minutes followed by increasing or decreasing the count as per your breath capacity. The experts opine that this set of exercise would help you in keeping your mind and even body par along with reducing the blood pressure and thus enhance your concentration.

In the second step, you are required to be seated and thus take a long and deep breath. If you are able to hold your breath over the top and then tense your body for around three seconds then better open your mouth, exhale along with completely release all the body exertion and anxiety, which make it a good way to start the day.


If you take care of your mind using the given exercises, you are bound to make it sharp by simply challenging yourself and thus end up thinking outside the box and gain the focus. If you check the life of any professional you would see him or her living the life on edge. Always ready to accomplish the set target of the company and thus remain on the shoes often. Amidst such a hectic and busy life, you simply end up losing the edge you have in your brain. Rather than having your breakfast in a hurry, or thinking about things pending at workplace, better focus on things you do, which certainly include the food as well. Check the smell of the food, taste and enjoy every bite of it rather having things in haste. This is nothing but mindfulness meditation. By focusing your attention over immediate experience, you would improve your memory and thus start to function over the higher level. This can be carried out with nearly any experience and not just a breakfast.

Now talking about specific exercises for mind, you can try quick and intense workout session, which can last for half an hour for three hours. You can simply complete any set of workouts in just 20 minutes and would never require a gym. By using your body weight, you can do all the workout sessions at home or also in any park. Just complete your two intense body weight exercises per week along with sprinting session per week and thus boost up the results. For body weight exercise, the first option comes in the form of Burpees. This is one of the simplest form of exercise, which can be done with a standing position and shooting down to the squatting position with your hands over the floor followed by thrusting back over the pushup position. Then do the pushups and then jump back over the sanding position. Now, you just have to repeat the same for around 20 to 30 time with no rest in between to make the workout effective. You can try this for two times in a week.

The next body weight exercise option is a bit demanding as compared to the above one. Here, you are supposed to carry out a set of 50 pushups along with 50 squats and 12 pull ups at a stretch without taking any rest in between. This is generally called as the hotel workout since it can be even carried out comfortably inside any hotel room and even in its narrow stairwell too. The next boxy weight exercise option comes in the form of 3-2-1, which is again a demanding option that demands 300 pushups along with 200 squats and 100 pushups, while the rest comes for around 40 seconds.


This starts with good diet and then exercise. Talking about diet, it starts with the breakfast, which is the primary source of nutrition to body when anyone starts his or her day. For smarter and quicker breakfast you can think of starting with whey protein powder, almonds and coconut milk or can even think of starting your day with your leftover meat. If you can find more amount of time, you can think of making a simple omelet using four whole eggs or go as per your veggie choice. The key here is to replace the grains, legumes, sugar and several other industrial seed oils along with plenty of protein, fat, and natural fiber. Things like cereal, sweets (including OJ), and toast are big no no, while the eggs, nuts, veggies, butter, and olive oil are among the yes items. As per experts, the objective here is to simply transform your body into and competent fat burning beast, which simply starts with correct diet. This can follow all the above discussed exercises, which not only would take care of your soul and mind but

The best exercise comes in the form of commute, the time and efforts you need to cover the distance from home to work. Yes you heard it right; you can easily convert your commuting time into an effective exercise option. As per experts, by simply changing your route to work can really help you in become your exercise and can keep you mentally fit and active. You can park your vehicle a mile away from your office to walk to your workplace to make your commute an effective exercise. This gives your body an extra mile edge also, if you avoid taking elevator and simply move up taking the stairs that’s the best way to exercise. The idea here is not just to increase your sweat but at the same time boost up your metabolic rate along with burning good amount of your fats.

Wrapping up

A working professional doesn’t really need to take out extra time to try out all these things but can do them while remaining busy in his or her daily chores. Abiding these exercises for your body, soul and mind can really make the difference for you. No wealth is as big as having a good health, note it down and abide by the same to enjoy a healthy and smart life.

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