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Top 10 reasons for starting your meditation

If you pose a question before anyone mediating as to why he or she does the mediation, the answer only comes in one word; they all feel very much great. However, there are number of other reasons of starting up your mediation, which are being dealt in this write up. Apart from the spiritual exercise, mediation is one of the best ways to keep your body safe and sound. And as said, a sound mind gives healthy body. This is the basic reason why mediation these days are referred as a great tool to bust your stress and keep your body healthy. Now, let’s check the top 10 reasons for starting up your meditation as under:

1) Stress management

One of the basic reasons why you should mediate is for managing your stress. These days when we all live in an overburdened and fiercely competitive market, encountering stresses is an inevitable phenomenon. At such junctures, meditation simply reduces the stress much better than any other solution. Not only you find the down time with mediation of your mental and physical aspects of your body but at the same time it can have its direct impact over your complete nervous system. This in turn help in reducing the stress related chemicals including Cortisol and boost up the mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin.

2) Improve your health

Mediation simply helps in improving your health by simply boosting up your immune system; reduce your blood pressure along with reducing the cholesterol levels. With the help of meditation you can even help in diagnosing certain lethal life threatening diseases and chronic issues. The people with serious kind of medical conditions like cancer too are seen treading this path in order to recover from the menace. Though it can help you in fighting certain life threatening diseases yet cannot be a substitute to proper medical treatment. It can only expedite in recovery and healing process and can at times help you find medical breakthroughs when treatment fails. Well, you do not have to be literally ill to benefit from the healing impact of the meditation. Even if you come out with the complaint of flu,
you can certainly get the recovery as meditation can help in securing your immune system the best to get a speedier recovery. Also, if you have headaches and you want to get rid of the same, you can certainly prevent from the same.

3) Get improved sleep

Sleep is called as a totally natural human function, which is something we really need to fulfill on a daily basis. However, if your mind is very much busy, you are more likely to be stressed then your sleep is bound to be restorative as it deserves to go. The mediation simply enhances the quality of your sleep and is considered to be among the most robust natural treatment option for insomnia. Thus you get another big reason to mediate.

4) Slow down your aging

Everyone fear the coming aging over your face and head in the form of wrinkles and white hair. The effects of aging can really put your life in a distress. As per studies, the impact of meditation in this regard is really incredible. As per research, the long term mediators simply have fewer amounts of aging signs over their bodies as compared to the ones who do not consider this to avert aging. It is considered that the physiological cause of this is owing to the fact that meditation simply helps in reducing the production of free radicals in our body. The free radicals are the organic molecules, which are responsible for aging, the tissue damage and even certain other diseases.

5) Find emotional stability and positive thinking

Meditation is one of the best and powerful ways for people who are seen suffering from anxiety and issues like depression. It can even help you in controlling your anger and making people calm and comfortable. But you do not often require any serious kind of psychological condition for the meditation in order to benefit the best. Hence if you see people mediating the best, you can find them enjoying from the benefits like getting emotional stability and positive thinking in their personalities. Thus you have another big reason to mediate.

6) Gain Happiness

One of the biggest menaces these days from which people suffer is stress. Thanks to the ever increasing rat race and fierce competition in the market which has simply overburden people resulting the same. This simply adds sorrow and misery in their lives, which ruin away their happiness. However, if you mediate on a regular basis, you can easily beat the stress and lead a healthy and happy life getting back your peace of mind and happened. In other words, mediation can make you a happy man.

7) Improves your social life

Consider meditation to be a solitary activity. It helps in boosting up your social connection and emotional intelligence. Thus you get another big reason to mediate and enjoy a better and smarter social life with mediation.

8) It changes your brain for the better

With the help of mediation, you can certainly end up boosting your grey matter. This in turn helps in boosting up the volumes in a number of areas related to emotion regulation, self control and positive emotions. All these activities help you in boosting up the cortical thickness in areas pertaining to paying attention.

9) Enhances your productivity level

It simply boosts up your focus and attention, which in turn help in improving upon your ability to multitask. This can further help you in making your memory sharp along with enhancing your ability to be creative and think outside the box better and smarter.

10) It keeps you real

Once you start knowing your mind, you would start to own your stuff and thus turn more real and authentic, which can for sure help you turn more humble. You then realize the stories and the soap operas in your mind that is being put into your personality and get the some perspective in it. In other words, you end up showcasing what is real in you.

Wrapping up

Mediation is a great spiritual, psychological and medicinal solution for mankind. By mediating, you groom your best, which can help you in every aspect of your life. It is nothing but a daily shower, which you have to get rid of the filth, sweat and bad stuff over your physical body. Similarly, with meditation, all your negative thoughts, stress and other weird things are being flushed out to make you a man. By simply controlling our mind, we can make our life better and smarter after all controlling things outside is really difficult.

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