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Unveiled: Comprehensive Rundown of Distributors Bringing Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” to Audiences Nationwide

The blockbuster success of Pathaan (2023) has significantly increased the anticipation for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Jawan. As expected, the film has been acquired by distributors at a significant price. Bollywood Hungama, in this story, will inform readers about the various distributors and studios that have acquired the theatrical rights to Jawan in different circuits of India.
According to a source, PEN Marudhar has acquired the theatrical rights to Jawan in North and West India for a whopping amount of ₹150 crores in advance. The source said that the PEN Marudhar team decided to shell out this huge amount because they are confident that the film will achieve record footfalls, given the buzz around it.

Yesterday, Sree Gokulam Movies officially announced that they will be distributing Jawan in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A source in the South revealed that the Tamil Nadu territory was sold to Sree Gokulam for ₹15 crores, while the studio shelled out ₹7 crores for the Kerala rights.
A trade source said that Sree Gokulam Movies has further handed over the theatrical rights for Jawan in Tamil Nadu to Red Giant Movies. In Nizam/Andhra, the rights have been entrusted to Rajshri Films, while Panorama Studios has acquired the rights for the Mysore territory. The prices at which the rights were sold have been kept under wraps, but they are definitely among the highest figures paid for a Hindi film in these regions.

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