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Some Unknown affairs of Bollywood Celebrities- Bet You Never Knew about Them

Unknown affairs of Bollywood Celebrities

The B Town celebrities are usually covered the most in the media. They often remain the topic of discussion in various forms of media and gossip magazines. In other words, you can find them over the constant radar wherein even a minute detail about the same is not left to be uncovered. From Paparazzis to the flashes, the media leaves no room in their lives to cover them in depth. Well, at such a helm of affair, their affairs and breaks up are the favorite topics of the media. In fact, even their hidden affairs are not left behind the banners. The media sniffs and find out for the audience to catch the same. Let’s check some of the unknown affairs of B Town celebrities as under:

Kamal Hassan & Sarikha Thakur

The two got married in 1988 but not many know that they had an affair. Their marriage remained intact till 2004 when Sarika found that Kamal had cheated her that led to the divorce.

Mithun & Sridevi

This may found interesting as not many know the fact that the two were married for a very shorter duration of time. They had a secret affair and got even married but they always denied the same till the press finally presented the proof of their marriage certificate as well.

Om Puri and Nandita Puri

Well, the two got married in the year 1993 but soon the difference started between the two and the latter also filed a case of domestic violence against Om and soon got separated.

Mahima Chaudhary and Bobby Mukherjee

Now, this is interesting as people barely know about Mahima forget about her marriage with an architect cum entrepreneur friend called Bobby in 2006. Now, the two are not together and Mahima has been living with her daughter Ariana.

Javed Akhtar & Honey Irani

Well, he is a great writer and lyricists of his time and thus brought him close to another writer Honey Irani in the year 1972. The closeness with ShabanaAzmi then damaged their relationship and the two separated.  The two also had their own kids Farhan and ZoyaAkhtar who also left their father.

Shekhar Kapur &Suchitra Kirhsnamoorthy

They were married from 1999 to 2007 as the lady felt that her husband’s image has always overshadowed her lot who is more famous than her. She left along with her daughter and thus made news for the same.

Manisha Koirala &Samrat Dalhal

The two met on the social media sites and soon got married in the year 2010. Well, this was perhaps the comeback of the lady from the menace of cancer but soon got rid of each other due to some differences in the year 2012.

Aditya Chopra & Payal Khanna

The two have been married for eight years and got divorced in the year 2009. Their ended up their marriage when Rani Mukherji was seen coming closer to Aditya Chopra.

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