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Trip to Bhangarh Movie Review

Trip To Bhangarh Movie review

Trip To Bangarh is hitting this Friday (29th August 2014), which is directed by Jitender Pawar and produced by Vikas Rastogi. The main cast of the movie include Chaudhary, Vikram Koccher, Suzanna Mukharjee, Rohit Chaudhary, Poonam Pandey, Vidushi Mehra, Rachit Behl, Sudheer Rikhari  and Piyush Raina. The movie deals with a group of college friends who meet at a college reunion party. In the same party, they chalk out a plan to visit a haunted place in Bhangarh simply to make their meeting memorable, which, however, turns to a nightmare for everyone meeting some horror elements at their said picnic destination.

The plot is the same old and patent one unlike you find in any horror movie of Bollywood. If you check the success mantra of any movie, it is often based on three pillars, which include the real life issue based script, any youth or student centric movie or the one, which comes with incredible music composition. With any of these three elements in a movie, the Box Office collection remains the testimony to its success.  If you take the examples of movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Paan Singh Tomar or Dirty Picture, all these films comprises any of these three elements of success. The others include Kai Po Che, Yaariyaan, 3 Idiots, Fukrey, and even Aashqui 2. All of these remain at the top of box office collection getting positive review both from the audience and critics.

Then you have Trip to Bhangarh, which is based on a real time incidences from a very old time haunted place called Bhangarh based in Alwar, Rajasthan. The movie happens to be youth centric, which can be an attraction for the audience, while you have popular singers like Tochi Raina, Mohit Chauhan, Ram Iyyer and Tochi Raina that remain catchy for people. Well, let us check the storyline. As said above, the film starts with a college reunion party wherein six friends hailing from different career fields meet up after two long years. All of them are known in their respective fields along with known for their wacky hobbies as well.

In this party, you also have their female companions as well including the hot and sensual Poonam Pandey. Amidst their enjoyment and thrill, they end up discussing a place called Bhandarh, which is a known haunted place and the potential destination for all these friends to visit and have good time together. Soon, they embark with a plan to visit this place, and hence was seen moving on the wheels to catch up this historically interesting place. Ironically, they are unaware about the dangers lurking at this place hence remain callous and casual at they come across a unique history and a number of unknown things at this place. Soon, they encounter something unusual, which suddenly makes their life a big hell. There you see everyone struggling for their survival giving you a heating haunting climax.

Last word

They movie can be called as a youth centric one backed by nicely carved and catchy kind of dialogues potential enough to attract the audience. You get a complete package under the soundtrack category wherein you have a wide array of choices right from the travel songs, to sad one and romantic or sensual one. You would encounter loads of twist and turns, which makes the story very much captivating for the audience. At the same time, the movie has the elements of comedy, romance, thrill and suspense thus making it a very good family package.  Well, don’t forget the presence of Poonam Pandey, you can catch some of her steamy appearances from this sex siren.

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