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Identity Card Movie Review

Identity Card Movie Review

Kashmir without the description of the literature czars like William Shakespeare is something very different and contrast, which the debut director Rahat Kazmi is going to unleash with his movie Identity Card before the audience this Friday on 29th August 2014. It is produced and directed by Rahat Kazmi, Zeba Sajid and Sanjay Amar, while you have Tia Bajpai, Vipin Sharma, Furqan Merchant, Shoib Kazmi and Prashantt Guptha in the main lead roles. The movie is all set to hit the theatres tomorrow in India discussing Kashmir with a satire and the issues it create to common man of this country. It isn’t a big budget movie and thus has a number of new faces from the Bollywood making their mark in the same.

It is not about terrorism or the issue of Azad Kashmir, but deals with the issues any common man faces while being trapped by the security forces like the Special Task Force based in this state. If you check the real gist of the movie, perhaps, you would notice a nightmare of Shakespearean proportions being unleashed by the director in Identity Card. You cannot get away from William Shakespeare in Kashmir valley wherein you have beautiful lakes like Dal. With this movie, the director seems creating unbearable kind of anxiety that is witnessed in the space wherein the three hapless victims – TV journalist played by Tia Bajpai, her friend Ajay from Kashmir played by Furqan Merchant and the unfortunate guide called Raju played by Shoaib Kazmi are seen encountering the ludicrous interrogation by the STF force.

You will find narrative to be very much melodramatic wherein the words often are seen qualifying the drama. Here the written lines are never seen getting interjected.  The interest level of the audience would be intact especially when they notice the profusion of realistic characters carved by the actors who very well realise what they are saying and doing. On the other side, you have the Special Task Force doing the worst in a forceful and tyrant things to see farce confessions from the so-called suspected terrorists as they fail to produce any identity card.

You experience these cops on an incredible rampage and at the same time have at least the desire to carry out the victimization with the said limits just to remain in good books of their seniors and other people. All these cops especially Saurabh Shukla seen with his impeccable Kashmiri dictum and accent and Brijendra Kala the backbiting police office in uniform seems marvellous in their performances. In fact, these actors remain with the table of brisk urgency that finally turns out to be a wordy duel of sermons and great rhetorical statements.

As you continue watching the movie, you would encounter a scene just outside one mosque wherein the two offices are seen elaborating each other why it is very much difficult to keep their working spirit alive as they witness the Kashmir Valley turns to ashes. With these sequences in the movie, you would simply forget certain vulnerabilities in technicality of the film like the awful background score, the abrupt editing task, uneven camera that at times can leave the script to get some oxygen to survive.

However, amidst all the bad and the rot you have a ray of hope that really care for humanism loss in the Valley. This man comes in the form of a senior level police officer called Vipin Sharma. On the other hand, you have a junior officer called Prashant Guptha who is one of the biggest bullies on earth in the team of Khakhi clad men in STF. Above all, when the movie is swathed in a complete doom, you can even find the flashes of good humour and warmth element as well, which makes it a worthy movie to catch.

Identity Card Review Last Words :

The lead roles in the movie are new, while others in the officers’ den that are old are simple incredible in their acting skills. The film may lag behind in certain technicalities, no big banner or star value, no magic Bollywood Masala. However, the powerful script it carries, which talks about the struggle and turmoil of three people stranded inside the STF cell to prove their identity can make the difference before the audience. All in all, Identity Card can be called as a powerful and bold kind of thought provoking sensitive thriller, strongly recommended for the serious kind of audience who really care for elements like humanism in this ruthless and heartless system discovered in the Valley.

Manoj L


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