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Raja Natwarlal Movie Review

raja-natwarlal-movie review

Raja Natwarlal is Kunal Deshmukh’s crime comedy Bollywood movie produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, starring Emraan Hashmi, Humaima Malik, Kay Kay Menon and Paresh Rawal. The music comes from Yuvan Shankar Raja, while it is produced under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures. Earlier its name was Shaatir, however, recently in April 2014; it was renamed as Raja Natwarlal. The movie somewhere is inspired by Amitab Bachchan’s movie called Natwarlal of late eighties, hence the filmmakers were interested in having Abhishek in the supporting actor role but he opted out from the project leading his replacement with Paresh Rawal.

The movie revolves around the character of Raja, played by Imran who happens to be small time con artist. He calls himself as a contemporary Natwarlal, while, Raghav is the partner in crime of Raja and is seen living off short con life and meeting the day to day jostles in the city of dreams called Mumbai.  The twist is only visible in the movie when a powerful don kills Raghav. This is the juncture wherein you would find the life of Raja taking a sharp turn. Vardha is the man who kills Raghav, who eventually becomes the target of Raja. However, Varda (Kay Kay Menon) happens to be a powerful and influential person, which makes the task of Raja difficult. Here Raja is seen taking his own course and thus decides to shake hands with Yogi (Paresh Rawal), who is a known con artist in his area.

He then takes a formal training from his senior con artist to chalk out a plan to catch Varda and take the revenge of his friend’s murder. Amidst this struggle to con and take avenge from Varda, you would encounter a number of roller coaster twist and turns. Well, it is interesting to see how the team of Raja and Yogi finally beats this powerful and influential man called Varda. Amidst all this, you have Humaima Malik being seen so sensual, hot, and, needless to say, with the presence of Emraan, you have loads of intimate scenes to catch. After all, Emraan has been known for this in his movies and had tried and tested with a number of actresses before, giving people reason to watch his films.

Performance wise, Emraan unlike his earlier movies has been good; in fact, he is one of the men in Bollywood, who specialises in doing the bad boy roles perfectly and neatly. Thanks to his ample amount of experience he has in the past for playing the Bad Boy roles in his past movies, be it Crook or Awarapan, he has been simply awesome in these characters. While Humaima though is a good actress, however, Raja Natwarlal, being her debut movie, she seemed overshadowed by Emraan and other characters a bit. However, this alluring girl has left no stone unturned to prove herself as a marvel to behold by appearing the alluring and hot siren in the movie’s promos.

Paresh Rawal has been phenomenal in his performance as a senior con character in Raja Natwarlal. You would be seeing him on silver screen after a long time, thanks to his political career, which has just started as you find him turning an MP of Ahmedabad constituency in Modi government. Well, his fans were simply anticipating to see him back on the silver screen just to relish and enjoy his perfect comic timing and incredible dialogue delivery.   Apart from the kissing and lip lock scenes, you can enjoy perfect romantic music in it. The soundtrack of the movie is exceptional, thanks to the talented south Indian film composer called Yuvan Shankar Raja. Though Raja Natwarlal is his debut Hindi movie, yet he has put all his heart and soul in composing the soothing music.

Last word of Raja Natwarlal Review

Raja Natwarlal is a culmination of good music, hot item number, the presence of hourglass figure hottie called Humaima coming along with the Emraan makes a delectable couple and soothing music from the skilled musician from the south makes it a must for you to watch. All those who have been missing Emraan and the heat he creates while performing with different sensual actors was missing from quite some time. The lip lock and steamy scenes that come along with their superb onscreen chemistry of the duo can put forth the right buzz and inquisitiveness before the audience to watch the movie.

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