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Lastbenchers Movie Review

Lastbenchers Movie Review

29th August 2014 would be a busy Friday, with so many movies releasing the same day. Lastbenchers is one of it with main cast as Prajakt Rebeloma, Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar, Sanket Galactus, Dipak Harne, Pooja Bhattad, Shriya Fule and Prashant Khalokar. The movie is directed, edited and written by Prajakt himself and is produced by Er. Moreshwar Meshram. The movie is releasing in more than 600 screens in India, with all new faces in it. Most of the movie portions are shot in Nagpur and several other places close to Nagpur apart from a few in Goa. The movie is all set to hit the theatres this Friday.

The story of Lastbenchers simply revolves around few college students who often lag behind in studies and other academic activities. They are usually engrossed in fun, enjoyment, and complete masti unlike any other college student; however, when life turns to them they have a very tough time ahead. However, despite all odd, they rise up and bring in laurels for themselves in society. The character of Prajakt Rebeloma lies at the centre along with other people like Sanket, Prashant and Dipak. In a sense, the scripts sound strong, new and something interesting in it, which is competent enough to inspire anyone watching the movie especially the youngsters.

The movie has a number of elements unlike seen in any other Bollywood movie, which include melancholy, love, friendship, heartbreak, pain, aguish, anger, etc. The role of Prajakt is like a calm and educating mentor in the movie. Since Lastbenchers is his debut movie, hence it has a couple of hits and misses. For such people it would rather difficult to judge, as they have no previous movies in stock of past to compare as the yardstick. Perhaps, this movie would certainly prove out to be the launch pad for him and his team. It has made him learn the lessons of filmmaking, which will help him a lot in his further projects.

Now, let’s check the Good and the Bad elements in it. The script sounds new and unique backed by powerful and smart dialogues, nice array of songs (but not all can be counted in it), cool comedy and amateur acting is the crux of the movie. No star value, no big banner, yet it has a number of things, which makes Lastbenchers to be competitive. Though the movie starts with a slow pace, however, as we proceed and reach out to the second half, it gives not many opportunities to take a pause for loo. The reasons are obvious; you find some outclass performance at the end, with compelling message coming out at the climax. It would really help the youngsters to get the encouragement and inspiration, which is the bottom line of the movie.

Lastbenchers is seen missing out snowy locations of overseas, glittering college campuses, high end hostels, picturesque locations, etc. However, its only power lies in its script and newness found in the movie. The talents may sound raw in the movie in terms of acting, music, cinematography and direction, yet the message it delivers to the youth that you would be recognised in the society by your actions and not my your college degree is enduring and captivating.

Last Words of  Lastbencher Review

You can call Lastbenchers movie to an indulgent one as it breaks down the yardstick on which other Bollywood movies are standing and churning out over the Box Office. Prajakt may sound to be an amateur in acting, direction and filmmaking but when it comes to giving a tangible message using the medium of films, he seems to be leading in the list of filmmakers. If you are young and college students who love fun and enjoyment but lack the real meaning of life, you should watch the movie. If you are struggling hard to stand up and combat your conditions, watch the movie, you would certainly be charged with extra amount of energy, which Prajakt and his team has delivered.


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