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Box Office Prediction of Raja Natwarlal – Identity Card – Trip to Bhangarh and Lastbenchers

Raja Natwarlal

It’s been quite some time to see Emran Hashmi’s movie hitting the theaters and doing really well over the Box Office. Though his earlier movies including Ghanchakkar and Ek Thi Daayan was carried on an experimental mode covering him in a different mode, but still managed to make a decent collection over box office. The massy feeling Raja Natwarlal would make sure to have a good start. Kunal Deshmukh has been associated with Emraan since Jannat days.

On the face of it, Raja Natwarlal is a nicely produced movie, which is authenticated by the content that is going to be catered this Friday. This perhaps can give a trend of 40 to 50 percent of occupancy rate, which would seem to multiply with good word of mouth publicity. And comparing with the other releases like Identity Card, Lastbenchers and Trip To Bangarh, it can be called as a notable release of this Friday.

Identity Card on the contrary is an issue based satire wherein Tia Bajpai works the central protagonist. Though the movie has moved out over the global market collecting applauds from the overseas audience, however, it is releasing in Indian subcontinent, without any tangible promotion. Hence its performance is likely to hamper.

Similar is the story with other two movies Lastbenchers and Trip to Bangarh. The former comes with limited amount of screening, while the later seems to be another horror movie. This can really render a clear path for Raja Natwarlal. With this indication, you can expect 8 to 10 crore at day one, while the others might struggle to get few crores over the Box Office.

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