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Top 10 Reasons to Must Watch Baahubali

reasons to watch baahubali

The multi-lingual, period drama film has finally hit the theatres this Friday. After three long years, the filmamkers took to produce this film, the wait for the audience is over. The Magnus Opus of SS Rajamouli is based on the medieval period, which took that long to finally hit the theatres is true of a gem in many ways, which give enough reasons for the audience to catch the film. Now, let’s check the top 10 reasons to catch Bahubali as under:

1). Expensive Affair

This fictional period drama is among the most expensive affair in Indian Cinema, which was produced for more than 200 crores in order to appear that extravagant and dashing over the silver screen. The filmamkers have invested around 40 crores on the special effects and digital imagery alone. The enormous golden statue as featured in this film sets parallel apart even to the real historic ones.

2). The Best Of the Graphics

The film is among the one, which employs some of the best VFX or visual effects backed by rich and incredible graphics. The visual effects and animation has taken that one year long time to complete the task. Some of the most advanced kinds of equipment have been employed to make this film, which include Arri Alexa XT Cameras.

3) Best & Huge Sets

Apart from the best visual or VFX effects, the filmamkers went out of the way to produce some of the best sets on earth to shoot, which helps the film to have a complete value in it. Thus giving another big reason to watch.

4). The Locations

The locations chosen in the film are among the best in terms of picturesque and soothing in nature. This simply showcases the hard work the director and his team has paid for making such a huge movie of 2015. The great waterfalls scenes at the back simply gives the witness to this.

5). Best Cast

The director and his team has put all his heart and soul to make this film. One of the striking features, which give this film enough reason to watch is its star cast, which comprises competent actors like Prabhas Varma as ‘Bahubali’, Tamannaah Bhatia as ‘Avantika’, Rana Daggubati as ‘Bhallala Deva’ and Anushka as ‘Deva Sena’ along with others like Nassar, Adivi Sesh, Sathyaraj, Subbaraju and Ramya Krishnan.

6). Unique Story

Bahubali is a period drama, which is based on one of the unique stories, which is inspired by epic Mahabharata. It showcases the rivalry between two brothers on the issue of kingdom acquisition backed by a very nice visual narrative. The characterization and composition has been carried out by some of the most skilled screenwriter V Vijayendra Prasad Garu who is the father of Rajamouli.

7). Inspired by the Epics

Bahubali is yet another Rajamouli’s movie that has drawn inspiration from the epic Mahabharata. The clash between two brothers over kingdom acquisition has been screened in a beautiful visual narrative. The composition and characterization has been done by very talented screenwriter V. Vijayendra Prasad garu, the father of the director itself.

8). Incredible Action

The war visuals in the movie are simply worth catching up. The incredible action sequences comes out to be the treat to your eyes and assures cool rushes. The raw action along with the aggressiveness showcased over the screen by the lead actors would simply make you feel to catch the film again.

9). S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli is among the best directors not just in South Indian Cinema but also in the entire film industry of India. He has the magic of creating some of the best movies, and Bahubali is no exception. His earlier movies like Eega, Sye, Vikramarkudu and Magadheera are some of the classic examples of his best creations. He has the skills to add a unique aura with a simple storyline, which can really help in drawing viewers to theatres.

10). A Film in 17 Different Languages

Yes, you heard it right, Bahubali is being released worldwide in 17 different languages, which include all the languages of the south along with Hindi, English, French and others. Bahubali is the only film to be released overseas with 12 different foreign languages. Thus giving enough reasons to catch up the film.

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