Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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More than 400 Theatres are Shut in Kerala to voice against Film Piracy

Kerala movie piracy

The menace of film piracy has been haunting the film industry and theatres screening the shows since long. With the help of modern and handy technological tools, the films are captured and circulated privately, which hampers the business at large of the film released. To raise the voice against this menace more than 400 film theatres in Kerala have gone on strike today showing no current films in the state. As per the plea raised by the Film Federation of Kerala, hordes of theatres have gone for a strike for this reason.

As per reports, the official statement of the Federation has decided to take stern action against the piracy business, which has hampered the business of the theatres in the state in a big way. If the pirated copies of the film are available after the first show, its natural to see people not going to the theatres but sticking to their home to catch the film, which will at the end of the day will hamper the business. Considering the release of Bahubali, the much awaited big budget film by the veteran director SS Rajamouli, it is a right step forward to clamp down the business of piracy.

This decision was taken in the wake of a new Malayalam movie called Premam leaking out in the form of piracy just after its initial show. In this case, the real culprit behind the pirated business of this particular film is absconding, while three students have been booked in this connection. The police seems to be lax in this matter and have released the three on bail. The federation has demanded to take strict action by the police and hence have also met the concerned ministers in the government for the same.

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