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Toofaan Review: Farhan Akhtar serves more emotions than boxing in this sports drama

Toofaan Movie Review:

  • Movie Name: Toofaan
  • Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Mrunal Thakur, Paresh Rawal, Mohan Agashe, Supriya Pathak Kapoor
  • Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
  • Critics: 3.5/5

Toofaan is a story about a man finding motive in his life to live with some dignity. The protagonist of the show Aziz Ali comes out of the same mill Gully Boy came from (producers), you see bits and pieces of inspiration. The storytelling of the film starts in the middle of the lives of its characters, by not especially giving them a special introduction. Ajju Bhai lives in Dongri, through him, we meet Ananya in no period.

Ajju Bhai is shown as a Goon who does illegal activities and one fine day realises that the work he has been doing is not respectable. And all thanks to Ananya, she is a doctor who motivates him to take boxing as his career. Ajju ends up being Maharashtra’s boxing champion. Things were falling in place but the makers added tv soap drama into it. Ajju realises Ananya is the daughter of his coach. While the coach insults him for coming from a Muslim background and being with his daughter.

The story wastes most of its time in unwanted drama which could have been avoided. Eventually, Ananya leaves her father and marries Aziz. And just like every other Television show, Aziz leaves boxing to focus on his family. And after having one daughter Ananya pleads with Ajju to return to boxing to complete his dream. In the process, she dies in the film.

Ajju can respect his wife’s decision and works very hard to be the champion. That was all the movie had to offer.

But to my disappointment, the film, in its almost 3-hour runtime, never slows down. Like for example when there’s a death, for real. Conflicts come and go as if daily soap and boxers are made overnight in a montage.

The film never really reflects the space to breathe in the victory that Aziz achieves; there’s always a new conflict and new solution. For example, Farhan Aktar the goon becomes Aziz Ali the boxer I’m a single scene he gets Paresh Rawal as a coach, and in some time he is the best boxer in the entire state. And then the next moment Paresh Rawal abandons him, leading to the next act of the film. Annoying right? Same feeling.

If we look at the parallel narratives of society. The socio-economic structure of our society where the cast is divided and how a particular religion is looked upon when spoken about discipline and trust. All of that is relatable. When Paresh Rawal warns his daughter, “Muslims se dur rehne ka,” we already know someone who thinks like that. It is something that needs to be looked upon.

For me, the movie could have been in more depth and a slow narrative that is more intriguing and appealing for the viewer. In short, that would make real sense.

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