Tomer Yosef talks about creating relatable content as an influencer

Tomer Yosef
Tomer Yosef

A man with diverse talents, Tomer Yosef made the headlines recently for his most recent and the very successful venture YOSEF NYC. Born and brought up in Israel, he is a phenomenal content creator who possesses many characteristics that an influencer has. Known for creating relatable content, he got massive success in the Israel media industry.

Exploring different horizons, he later started TE Marketing, a marketing agency that handles top brands and campaigns across the globe. Gradually the company began to flourish and Tomer Yosef realised his calibre and passion for being an entrepreneur. He eventually sold a portion of the company to his business partner and started to focus on the advertising business which he took inspiration from the growing media giants in the USA. His advertising company, FANSEE TV is based in Israel which deals in bringing social engagement to brands and helps in growing the brand’s social media presence. Apart from this, he also has his online sports show and is the creator of the top viral websites in Israel. If this was not enough, he also owns a boutique advertising agency called STARZ that handles very limited but top brands in the social media domain.

“Audience is the main reason what I am today. It is because of them I have achieved great heights in life. Making and delivering relatable content as per the taste of the audience have always worked tremendously on the digital space and that has always been my main focus”, said Tomer. He clearly understands the concept of creating relatable content which not only helps in getting massive engagement from the current audience but also attracts more people on the digital platform.

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