Michael Valor: The food influencer’s take on food, brands and social engagement

Michael Valor

The world revolves around food. While some people enjoy the occasional binge, others harbor a deep-rooted passion for it. From chefs and gourmets to fast food and fine dining, what we choose to eat forms an intrinsic part of our lives. Michael Valor’s passion for food led him to work with some of the biggest hotel chains, food brands, and restaurants. This influential food influencer has now chosen to help food brands scale up their social media marketing initiatives for a larger piece of the pie with greater engagement on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.
Michael Valor is a food industry veteran who has constantly sought to revolutionize the manner in which food brands, restaurants, and hotels interact with their online community. From effective digital marketing campaigns to unique on-ground concepts that run in tandem, Michael has worked with more than 50 food brands over the years.
Michael states, “It’s not just about preparing a great product. The other half of the challenge is building a powerful brand and image, while also understanding the preferences of consumers.” From new entrants to established contenders, Michael has helped brands reinvent their influence on social media.
When this foodie isn’t busy savoring delicacies from across the globe, he spends much of his time sampling cuisines and surrendering to his inner connoisseur. Apart from being a food influencer, his reputation precedes him when it comes to being a truly influential name in the food industry.

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