How author Kary Oberbrunner is guiding other authors

Kary Oberbrunner

About Kary Oberbrunner
Born in West Allis, Wisconsin, Kary served as a pastor for 12 years in Indiana and Ohio. He wrote several books during this period. He soon realized the traditional process was not yielding the results he expected, and he ended up doing most of the marketing himself. He explored self-publishing but discovered it was time-consuming and produced similar disappointing results.
That was when he discovered an alternative that would change his life and his career. The innovative model helped convert his next four books into successful businesses. The process earned him maximum profits, allowed him to retain his rights, and gave him the benefit of global distribution.

Eventually, he left his day job to pursue his passion and create life change in people through writing, coaching, and speaking. He coaches people on life and leadership. That’s how Author Academy Elite was conceptualized.

About Author Academy Elite Author Academy Elite provides published authors and aspiring authors with cutting-edge training on how to write, publish, and market the correct way. This transformational program delivers Kary Oberbrunner’s expert coaching for how to make the most of their books.

The 18-month program includes weekly mentoring by Kary Oberbrunner and other select master author coaches. Authors can publish their books in just 30 days, although he advises them to build in more time for a proper launch.
Participants receive access to video modules, live mentoring calls, and expert training tools that show them how to maximize their message. While Author Academy Elite functions as the publisher, it never receives a penny of the profits. Instead, the author benefits from the book and the royalties it produces.

Kary Oberbrunner has published nearly 1,000 authors using this innovative model. The authors range in age from 9 to 85 years and consist of social media celebrities, television personalities, medical professionals, lawyers, bloggers, podcasters, and people from many other walks of life. These authors have earned recognition across various literary genres like general nonfiction, advice, self-help, business, memoir, health, fantasy, mystery, thriller, science fiction, historical fiction, general fiction, and religion.

Throughout his career, Kary has trained more than 250,000 authors, coaches, and speakers. With his profound experience in writing, publishing, and coaching, Kary Oberbrunner has redefined the business of publishing and inspired thousands of aspiring authors to turn their writing skills into a profitable business.

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