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Titli Movie Review

Titli Movie Review

Incredible Performances Makes the Film too Realistic to Catch at your Nearest theatres

Titli is one of the movies releasing this Friday, which is directed and written by Kanul Behl, which is produced under the banner of Dibakar Banerjee Production Pvt Ltd in association with Yash Raj Films. It has actors like Ranvir Shorey, Shashank Arora, Amit Sial, Lalit Behl and Shivani Raghuvanshi in the lead roles. This film has managed to perform better over the famous 2014 Cannes Film Festival. The film showcases the volatility of today’s society wherein violence dwells uneasily before the carpet. The film has received good round of applauds from different quarters of the world. Now, let’s us dig us deep into the film to get the crux of the same.


Titli refers to a young man who leads a group of young boys of a violent card jacking brotherhood plots, which showcases a desperate bid to escape from the family business. The group is found in the badlands of dystopic underbelly of Delhi. His efforts are seen to carry out in order to counter at every stage by his resentful brothers, who simply tried to settle down him with a marriage. Titli then discovers an unlikely associated in his new spouse, who is caught in her own dysfunctional dreams and warped reality. The two are seen forming a very weird and beneficial kind of partnership just to tackle their incapability in order to escape from the bindings of their family origins. But it is seen escaping the same like a freedom.

Script Analysis

Titli cannot be called as a simple movie to catch. You can find it hitting your guts and thus spills out the blood. Thanks to the well carved story of the film the best portrayal of characters that make all the difference. It has a rich content to show the audience the world of baddies who live under bad poverty with an aspiration to do something big, but fail to come out from the day to day problems they face. The director was smart enough to extract the best talents out from the actors who despite being new in this industry but managed to give nothing but the best over the silver screen. That’s the beauty of this film Titli, which one can catches while watching it.

Star Performances

The performances from the lead stars like Raghuvanshi and Arora playing Neelu and Titli respectively has been intense and incredible to believe. Similar is the performance of other brothers like Behl who has gone out of the way to showcase the character as nicely as per the writings of Sharat Katariya. Vikram while playing the character of Ranvir Shorey too was fantastic to catch up. Amit Sial while playing the character of Baawla seemed very much mediator, while Sial can be called as the real show stealer. The fact is, it a sight to watch the two brothers while catching up the bad blood soaked checked shirts. All in all, the performances of invariably every actor in the film have been incredible.

Direction, Editing, Music and other technical stuff

The film is made with no flashy edge unlike any other Yash Raj Movies with top brand of actors. It has simple and authentic sequences, thanks to the perfection the director has in his filmmaking skills, which interestingly is seen in this debut film itself. He left no stone unturned to get the best cast without worrying about the star value so that we only get the perfect performance over the silver screen. The other elements like music, editing, screenplay and other technical aspects prove out to be the most competent over the silver screen. All these elements really help in boosting up the entertainment value to a great extent, which have helped the film to enter a number of international film festivals.

Titli – The Last Word

Titli is a movie, which reflects the darker side of life, right from showcasing poverty and other elements, which carry all the gray ideas being discovered in the national capital. Right from encompassing rich content to incredible performances, the film has gone a long way to carve it niche with best direction, which is hard to expect from a debutant director. The film has gone a long way to carve the reality over the silver screen the way this subject deserves. This has obviously made the film enter into a number of film festivals all round the world, which are hard to see even with other Masala based movies having big stars at the lead roles. That’s where Titli make the difference and thus deserves a better ranking than other films releasing the same day.

Rating – 4.0

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