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Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review

Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review

Cheap Plot bad performances sums up Guddu Ki Gun

One of the movies releasing this Friday is Guddu Ki Gun, which falls under adult comedy. The film is directed by the duo directors – Shantanu Ray Chibber and Sheershak Anand. The film has Kunal Khemu in the lead role along with the newbie Payel Sarkar who is doing her debut with this movie along with Aparna Sharma. The film revolves around the life of a man called Guddu played by Kunal Khemu who is a salesman of washing powder who one day gets his penis from hard meat skin ones gets converted into gold. The story comes from the duo directors, while it is produced under the banner of Emenox Media Pvt. Ltd. Now, let’s dig in to get the crux of the film in the following paragraphs:


The film Guddu Ki Gun is all about a young play boy kind of guy called Guddu played by Kunal Khemu. Guddu is known as a salesman of washing powder who is often seen interacting with women of middle age in sake for his profession, while being a playboy in nature and Bihari at heart and language, he leaves no stone unturned to woo the ladies bringing them from drawing room to the bed rooms. Rest, you can understand, however, amidst all his colourful and alluring life, he encounters something strange and weird in his life, when he finds his penis becoming golden. Rest turns too comedy to handle when he visits doctors and a number of other places to get his penis fixed but nothing really works out, till he realises that the gangsters are behind him to get the golden penis for obvious reasons. What happens at the end is interesting to explore.

Script Analysis

Guddu Ki Gun is a adult comedy, which seems to have made on a very whacky subject. This year, we witnessed a number of adult comedies, which certainly include this one. However, the fate of adult comedies is often bright enough to give good business to the filmmaker yet they turn at times an above average grocer. If you take the case of Guddu Ki Gun, the film has something weird concept (Penis), which will be hard to digest for the audience to catch the film. As far as the script is concerned, there is no doubt to the fact that you have a novel idea by the filmmaker, but it’s too weird for the audience to accept it. The concept may be new, but still lacks the ways of presenting the best before the audience. The path the director has chosen seems too cheap to attract the audience far and wide. In a sense, one cannot call it to be an impressive one for the audience.

Star Performances

Frankly there is hardly anything called performances in the film. Though one cannot expect much from the debutant actor like Payel Sarkar, but at least can expect some performance from people like Kunal Khemu who is in the leading role of this film. Kunal in the character of Guddu seemed too weird to be discussed. His choice of film and performance over the silver screen has been always in a bad shape and Guddu Ki Gun is no exception. It is still doubtful to call actors like Kunal Khemu in the rank of stars as he is more fit in the characters of supporting roles, which he has tried too often before. Others too were not that impressive, which are supposed to discussed over here in this column. In other words, Kunal with such choice of films has actually degraded himself the most.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and Technical Stuff

Expecting much from the director can be unfair to the man who took all pain to make a movie on such a subject, which sounds cheap for the audience. Hence you don’t have much role of a director in this film, as the concept itself was worst to be given any creative edge. Talking about the music, again, the film doesn’t score much and similar is the story of the songs included in the film. The other factors like screenplay, editing and technical stuff aren’t that attractive, which can make any difference in the entertainment value. Nothing much to discuss about the film!

Guddu Ki Gun – The Last Word

The film is all about vulgarity and discussing an issue, which seems too private, however, when such issues come out it becomes the issue of cheapness and weirdness. No civilised audience would ever prefer to catch films like Guddu Ki Gun. Again in terms of story, content, message, performance and other things, the film seems lagging behind. Perhaps, the movie with such cheap subject will only get cheap audience, which will eventually make the lead actors cheap before the audience. This is the reason, it doesn’t deserve a better rating.

Rating -2.0

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