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Main Aur Charles Movie Review

main-aur-charles- Movie Review

Intriguing Plot, rich content and competitive direction is thy name called Main Aur Charles

This Friday, you have movies of diverse subject releasing, which certainly include Main Aur Charles. It is directed and written by the man called Prawaal Raman, while produced by Cynozure Networkz. This film falls under a fictitious thriller, which is based on true events as compiled by the perspective of Indian cop – Amod Kanth who has handled a famous and notorious case of a serial killer – Charles Sobhraj. The film has Randeep Hooda, Adil Hussain, Richa Chadda, Alexx O Neil and Tisca Chopra in the lead roles. The film is produced under the banner of Wave Cinemas Cynozure, now, time to check its review as under:


The film revolves round the life of a mysterious vicious killer and con man called Charles Sobhraj. He leads his life with inescapable charm and enigmatic persona. You find this man literally evil personified as he is seen manipulating countless persons to facilitate in breaking the jail. You find a thin line between all his victims and people accompanying him, which include a copywriter of a huge ad agency, who is banking of this con man to get a royal princess who is keen to enjoy adventure. On the other side, you have a young hippie girl, who is drawn towards this con man for no expectation and being crazy apart from a student of law called Mira who is again a mad lover of this person. He never hesitates to sell her dreams bit by bit, to many people, from dexterous financial professional to a man in extortion business from Haryana and let’s not forget the hapless supervisor of the Jail.

Slowly and steadily the character of this con man is revealed who interacted or met him. The only man who had a very little conversation was the commissioner Amod Kanth, who is however, affected the most by this man. You can sense the impact from commissioner’s eyes amidst the war of good and bad, wherein the former wins but later the latter resurfaces. The story is set in the age of eighties, which is pre-mobile age, wherein the film shows how this man escapes from India’s most high end and secured jail, which later becomes the cat and rate race between the Commissioner and Charles. However, the film is more about showcasing the ills of this man, which he puts into the heart of people who have come across this con man and the way he has made vacuum in their lives followed by pumping the evil. So, what happens at the last is interesting to catch!

Script Analysis

Let’s talk about the script, it seems good after checking the lengthy story of the mysterious thriller. Well, the film is based on the real life incidences, which certainly gives you enough reason to enjoy authentic mystery, with little bit addition of synthetic stuff by the filmmaker to add the glamour and spice stuff in it. However, with some additions in the film, the entertainment value of the movie seemed increasing. At one go, you may find the film a bit perplexing with too many things happening at the dark shadow, but as you get involved and engaged in the film, every sequence in the film will appear interesting and intriguing, which makes you stick to your seat without taking a loo break except during the intermission. You can experience many nail biting moments in the film, which binds you for a long run, that’s the speciality of the film, which filmmaker has smartly added in it.

Star Performances

The film has one of the best star cast, which the director has chosen very wisely keeping the plot of the film at the centre. Randeep Hooda playing the lead role of a con man, has done the justice to character he has been given in the film. Thanks to the versatility he has, which makes him an accomplished actor in B Town. Similar is the story with other actors in the film, be it Adil Hussain or Richa Chadda or the gorgeous Tisca Chopra and the novice Alexx O Neil, everyone seemed playing a good character, leaving no stone unturned to give their best over the silver screen. They all are good actors and have been known for their performances in the past for various characters they have played in different movies.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing, Music & Technical Stuff

As far as direction is concerned, the direction was up to the mark. Since he is the only man who has written the story or created the script, it was easy to understand to shape up the character as per the requirement of the plot. And Prawaal Raman, the not much heard name in B Town was able to do that with utter perfection and dexterity. He has smartly used these actors swiftly and smartly without keeping them over or underutilised. The other elements like music, editing, screenplay, locations, and other technical stuff remained par as per the expectations of the critics and audience.

Main Aur Charles – The Last Word

Main Aur Charles is essentially a thriller movies based on the real life of a criminal played by the lead actor Randeep Hooda as Charles. The film is competitively made keeping the plot intact and choosing the actors wisely. There are many elements, which helped the film to boost its entertainment value. If such subjects interest you then you cannot just think of skipping this film after all you get to see some incredible performances by the lead actors. The film also shows the kind of research work the director has paved, which include meeting and interviewing many people from the law background, cops, detectives, reading a number of books and referring loads of documentaries on this subject far and wide. At one go, it may appear to be a biopic but it is certainly beyond that.

Rating – 4.0

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