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The media boycott and Bollywood celebrities

boycott celebs by media

The Paparazzi is Indian media is no more an old phenomenon. It has been too often witnessed by the media targeting the Bollywood celebrities. In the recent times, the photo journalists from the Indian Media have been the talk of the town as they were seen not covering the popular stars of the B Town. At one end, you have the photographers blaming the Bollywood stars for acting very much pricey, while on the other hand you have stars from the Tinsel Town blaming the media for going unreasonable and aggressive. The fact of the matter is both photographers/ photo journalists and the stars are made for each other. They both need each other and don’t go apart from long. Digging deep, both could be seen going unreasonable to a great extent. You see the stars coming late and allowing the journalists to wait for too long, while at times even the media is seen going unfair by asking the stars to pose in particular ways or stand at any specific area to capture their best pictures, which the celebrities deny.

One of the most favorite stars in this category is that of Salman Khan. Considering the recent incidence witnessed at the events of Kick to the previous many, you can find media boycotting this guy. He is known to have misbehaved in the past with the media journalists and reporters, unlike the way he has roughed up with his men with the reporters. Thus his attitude of I care the damn has really created problems for him and his track record in the media. Hence they have decided this time not to click even if he is seen cycling in the public area of Bandstand. However, in perspective of Khan and his family, it’s the fault of the cameraman who asks stars to pose in awkward positions to create the furor in the media.

Another lady to hit hard by the media is Shraddha Kapoor. The EK Villain girl though was seen having good time celebrating her movie’s victory yet she had to pay a big prize for the same. According to the reports, she allegedly has put the media on hold for two hours and then finally rejected the idea of posing before the camera to get clicked. Though his father Shakti Kapoor was seen coming into his daughter’s defense, however, with bad image of his in the media really gave her no brownie points. This therefore gave the issue of ban on the lovely lady for turning her face while being captured in the public area. The ban continued till the Aashiqui 2 actress sorted out the matter after meeting the union of photographers about the same. After all her upcoming movie Haider is all set to be released this month, so how can afford to stay with the media ban.

Unlike the above two, the recently married B town celebrities like Saif and Kareen too face the music way back in 2010. This incident took place all the four years before when the two were supposed to be at one even to promote one of the shoe brands that they endorsed. However, with all the media and cameramen present on the scene at the given time the duo remained away from the show for long. Finally when the two entered the venue the media simply decided to leave the place without any consent. Though Saif was apologetic about the issue as it all happened due to the traffic jam, yet the media chose to boycotts them for some time.  At times, it may not be the fault of the stars coming late, yet they are being taught a wrong lesson by the media simply for having the power of covering or avoiding the celebrities. As how you can see in this case of Saifeena being struck in the traffic jam yet their apology was not accepted by the media.

Unlike the other stars even Amitabh Bachchan was also not spared for some acts and thus had to face the ban. Though the exact source is not clearly known yet the megastar has suffered the media ban for not less than a decade. It was days when the Big B was doing well in terms of his good career, however, with some issues with the megastar there was a boycott of this man from the media. Hence no interviews, coverage or photos were seen of Amitabh during the period of 10 years despite his blockbuster movies were released including Sharabi, Deewar, Lawaaris, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Mr. Natwarlal, and so on.

Thus the Paparazzi is not a recent phenomenon but has been in place since so many years. Be it the Big B or the recent divas like Shraddha Kapoor, everyone has to face the music. This will however, can go for a longer life till the media comes with a good coverage of the stars.

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