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Top 10 Bollywood celebs Who Got Married Before entering the stardom

celebs Who Got Married Before entering the stardom

Bollywood and people connected to it often are seen presenting a fantasy world to the common people found in India. The fans simply want to know all and everything about their screen idols, which even include their marital status. Often, you can see the actor and actress becoming a roaring rage with the opposite gender as they are seen getting the stardom. Hence you can see the newcomers being recommended not to disclose their marital statuses simply avoid breaking the hearts of their countless fans. However, there are so many who simply do not just hesitate from accepting their marital statues even before entering the stardom. Hence you have the top 10 list of Bollywood celebrities who got married much before they entered their stardom as under:

1). Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is very much known for being Mr. Perfectionist since his debut acting in QSQT in the year 1988. However, much before he entered in his stardom and turned out famous, he married the girl next door to her called Reena Dutta way back in 1986. He had two kids from her, though the marriage collapse after 15 years in 2008.

2). Shahrukh Khan

The king of Bollywood too is not far from this trend. In fact, for him it was all love at one sight, when he was barely 18 years and Gauri was 14. Even though he was struggling to make his name in TV and then in Big Screen, he was seen getting married to his old time girl friend Gauri Chibber in the year 1991, which was much before he has tasted success.

3). Raj Kapoor

He is known as the Show Man of the film industry Bollywood. He rewarded with so many awards including the filmfare and national awards as well. However, much before he actually entered into the stardom with his debut in 1947 with the movie called Neel Kamal, he married to a distinctive relative called Krishna Kapoor in the year 1940.

4). Dimple Kapadia

She is known as yesterday’s seductive diva that still has the rage and power unlike what she did in her era. However, the same lady entered the B Town being married to Rajesh Kanna much before her debut movie in the year 1973. Her first movie was Bobby, which was released after six months of her marriage that turned super hit making her famous.

5). Shashi Kapoor

He is the man who has his silver spoon when he was born, thanks to his family and brother who had good marks in the industry. However, during his theater days, he met Jennifer Kendal in 1958 and soon got married much before his debut movie called Dharamputra was released in the year 1961. Since then he did more than 100 movies in B Town sharing every moment with his wife.

6). Anil Kapoor

He did a couple of movies like Hamare Tumhare in 1979, but it remained in the darker lines till he finally did another movie called Tapori in 1984. It even gave him his first FIlmfare award under the category of Best Supporting actor. However, much before his garnered huge amount of fans drooling her, he was a married man with Sunita Kapoor. The couple has two daughters and one son from their marriage.

7). Arjun Rampal

The hot hunk from modeling and successful actor of B town got recognition way back in 2001 with the movie called Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat. Indeed, his entry in the Bollywood made many women gaga on his cool dude look, however, no one got the chance to mingle with him since he was married to former Miss India and supermodel called Mehr Jesia. The two got married in the year 1998 and now have two cute daughters.

8). Saif Ali Khan

Much before he entered the B Town, he was seen getting hitched to the actress Amrita Singh. They two got married in the year 1991 when he has just returned to India completing his education in London. This was however, before his debut movie called Aashiq Awara, which is released in the year 1993. They simply had no age or religious differences coming in between their marriage. The couple had two kids and the marriage ended in the year 2004.

9). Ayushamann Khurana

This man despite being talented got his stardom too late with his movie called Vicky Donor in 2012. However, much before this man has entered in the stardom and was seen struggling to establish his name in the industry he was married to his childhood girlfriend in the year 2011.

10). Chitrangada Singh

Some of the few female actors who were seen entering the Bollywood world after the marriage, the lady called Chitrangada Singh was married. However, her huge amount of success and item songs really dispelled the idea that the married woman in entertainment world cannot do well. She got married to Jyoti Singh Randhawa in the year 2011, while turned famous in the year 2003 with the movie Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi.

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