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Dirty Bollywood Secret – A Workshop from Prajakt Rebeloma


Prajakt Rebeloma is a known name as far as Nagpur is concerned. He is the first man to make a Hindi movie based in Nagpur without seeking any help from Bollywood except getting the censor certificate from Mumbai. While making his debut movie in Nagpur, he has busted a number of myths which common man believes about the Bollywood and movie world. If you live with notions like critics do really matter a lot in terms of rating, you need a platform to enter Bollywood, to be a star you need to participate in any Beauty Pageant, money can only assure you success in Bollywood, etc. then you still are in darkness.

These are nothing but the myths, which you need to get rid of. Luckily, Prajat Rebeloma has learnt a number of things while making his own debut movie called Lastbenchers. Learning and unveiling a number of facts can help you in pursuing your career in Bollywood. The day long workshop is likely to cover all these topics in detail, which can help in understanding Bollywood and the industry in a much better way. Catch Prajakt Rebeloma at his Dirty Bollywood Secret on 15th July 2014 at Deshpande.

For more on this, visit the link – https://rebeloma.com/learn-film-making-with-rebeloma

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